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Australian Restaurant Offers Incredibly Cute Pokémon Burgers

With Pokémania still sweeping across the globe, one Australian restaurant has decided to capitalise on the trend. Sydney’s Down N’ Out has recently started selling these adorable $15 Pokémon burgers. Three different styles are available; a shockingly yellow Pikachu burger, a fiery Charmander burger and a salad filled Bulbasaur burger. They all seem incredibly detailed, the Bulbasaur burger being topped with a piece of broccoli. Trainers will have to make the difficult decision of which Pokémon to choose before they are discontinued in September. They are sure to be super effective in luring Pokémon fans to the restaurant!



    1. I’m also expecting it. It’d be silly & petty for Nintendo to do it but we both know it’s probably most likely coming.

  1. For some reason this reminds me of people who would always take pictures of their food and upload it to their social media. You should never talk to those people.

      1. Because they want to make it seem like their life is more fun and others should be envious of them. Either that or they want people to care and wants attention.

        1. ||I see, I first got the impression that they did that to attract their prey because of cannibalism…||

          1. You’re both wrong, we post pictures of our food as an offering to a neo god named Zuckerberg. Every 1000 years he awakens from a cave of money that he is buried under and chooses the pictures of food that he finds the most desirable and then proceeds to devour the souls of those who posted said food.

          1. Go ahead and Google “cho-clit” I’m sure you’ll find all your answers there :)

  2. Home sweet home.

    That pricing though, it definitely reminds me of how expensive things are there. Not like Chicago is any different with its high city pricing on food.

  3. Have fun doing this while you can, guys. Careful, though. You might get sued like that guy who did that Pokemon party & charged people 2 bucks to help pay for the expenses. Of course, that was the assholes at The Pokemon Company, not Nintendo, but the past few days of Ninty being petty says otherwise.

    1. Although, in Nintendo’s favor, they’ve only sent out C&D notices & haven’t sued anyone… yet.

      1. That’s normally all you need to do. Nobody’s dumb enough to continue infringing after they’ve already been caught.

        1. Of course, there is another way to handle it. Nintendo could ask for some of the profits they gain from selling it. Hell! Maybe even give the restaurant a license to continue doing it in exchange for some of the profit. Sadly, they won’t because they’d rather be assholes. And all this talk about Nintendo & I completely forgot it won’t be Nintendo that squashes what this restaurant is doing but The Pokemon Company since it’s Pokemon related. *facepalm*

          1. Nintendo gave Yogurt land licenses to use many of their characters. Just about everyone except Princess Daisy. Which is weird since Goomba and Koopa have their own flavors. Even Shy guy has his own flavor.

              1. ||She’s a secondary afterthought, meaning she’s completely pointless to our design…||

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