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Pokémon GO Poised To Make Over One Billion Dollars In 2016

As the Pokémon GO craze continues to explode across the world, Niantic’s app seems to be making huge earnings. According to a report from App Annie, Pokémon GO is looking to pass $350 million in revenue in the next few days. This has led the website to make this bold prediction:

“So far, the game is on pace to exceed our $1 billion prediction from early July and surpass any previous mobile game yearly revenues.”

Pokémon GO has still not launched in several major territories across the world. This includes China, which recently surpassed the U.S as the biggest source of mobile revenue. App Annie emphasises this as one of the key reasons that Pokémon GO still has so much potential for growth.

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  1. So how about a pokemon MMO like world of warcraft that people have been waiting for for ages?

    Sometimes I wonder if they all put there head inside there asses over at Nintendo.

    They could be the next disney if they would utilize there brands way better.

    1. If you’re looking at patterns, Nintendo has been using their brands way better lately! From crossovers to games always wanted by fans (Pokemon in real life), and if your argument is that we aren’t getting games, wait until the NX.

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