Digital Foundry: Bayonetta Xbox One BC Vs Xbox 360/Wii U/PS3 Frame-Rate Test

One of Platinum Games many stand out titles is the original Bayonetta which launched way back in 2009 in Japan. The folks over at Digital Foundry have decided to revisit the game to see how it holds up on the variety of formats it is now available on. They specifically looked at how the frame-rate is on the Xbox One backwards compatibility  versus the Xbox 360, Wii U and PlayStation 3. The verdict from the team at Digital Foundry is that the game is now best played on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility. You can check out the testing of the game, below.

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  1. non of this is power digital foundry are morons

    x360 was weak the game pushed it hard
    xbox 1 is emulating x360 software thats already set in stone

    and wiiu has a dirty port of the x360 code

    uit has nothing to do with the wiiu gpu the x1 gpu its just port emulation isssues and code writen for x360s limitations

    many games running on far more powerful hardware dont improve because the software the engine runs as it runs it doesnt amgically get better because the hardware changed

    just a s it doersnt magically get better if you could break open a x1 and add ram fore example the games would nt run better

  2. Thats not fair. Why does Xbox one get Bayonetta 1 but Wii U cant get Banjo Kazooie?

    Nintendi is soft they never try to fight their rights to nothing. Xbox is closer to Bayonetta 2 than Wii U is to Banjo Kazooie.

        1. Why don’t you find out before screaming bullshit and nonsense?

          First: Nintendo does not own the rights for Bayonetta 1, Sega does. So if Sega wanted to release Bayo1 for Xbox One they could. Bayonetta 2, on the other hand, is a different story.

          Second: I believe that you know how to read, yet I’ll say two words written in the article to help you understand: BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY. That means that you just need your Bayonetta 1 XBOX 360 GAME DISC in order to play it in your XBOX ONE.

          Don’t get me wrong: I’ve been wanting Banjo in a Nintendo platform forever. But it is not the same thing as this situation.

          1. i do have to agree that bayonetta 1 can be ported to any console/pc an also agree that bayonetta 2 is out of the question because nintendo not only threw money other publishers rejected bayonetta 2. as for banjo-kazooie that might not be impossible, microsoft, nintendo and rare could work together and bring bk and bt ( and possibly conker’s bad fur day) to wii u vc. bayonetta running on x-bone is just like digital wii games running on wii u because of backwards compatibility (something the wii u came with from day one), it is simply emulating unlike physical wii games running on wii u’s wii mode (a different form of backwards compatibility than just emulating, it came with the hardware and software).

          2. Nintendo needs to grow a set when it comes to competition and stop letting Microsoft and Sony just win. They were already stupid enough before selling there 49% of Rare and should had grabbed rights to Banjo and Conker. But Nintendo is stupid so.. They also should do something about Sony’s version of Pokemon Go. They also should give the NX 3 more cores incase Sony hasnt already done that while PS5 is in R&D. By now Nintendo is so blind and stupid when it comes to R&D after Sony copied N64, Gamecube, Wii and Wii U by now they would had came up with a strategy 3 Generations ago to make this difficult for Sony. After all after studying Sony’s strategy for so many generations, they are just going to wait, buy an NX, take it to their R&D and make it 4x more powerful. Has Nintendo thought of that?

  3. The game runs super smooth on Wii U plus has the Nintendo costumes, so I’d still pick to play it there. Either way, I much prefer Bayo2 over Bayo1 regardless. Still hoping they end up making Bayo3. If they announce it during the NX reveal I’ll be super hyped. But.. I won’t get my hopes up.

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