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Nintendo Confirms Pokémon GO Plus Will Measure Distance Walked In Background

Nintendo has confirmed today that the upcoming Pokémon GO Plus accessory will now actually measure the distance a player walks in the background. The news was updated on the official Nintendo Australia site and they also confirmed the following:

Correction (14/9/2016): Even while Pokémon GO is operating in the background, distance walked is applied towards hatching eggs and Candy earned for Buddy Pokémon.

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      1. Okay. Then it just has not been available at Amazon. I only buy from Amazon. I have problems with all others. Gamestop. Walmart. Best buy. Target.
        Try to avoid them. Toysrus works though. Bought my Wii u from them and it worked as it should have. You just buy your good damn thing and that’s it

          1. So it was available at Amazon once. Thanks for the info!
            I really missed it then even though I checked amazon kinda frequently

            1. follow amiibo alerts and amiibo news on twitter and turn on notifications for them. they are really good at alerting you right when things go up for pre-order, i’ve been able to get a lot of things before they sell out because of them. it also helps to have your cc info stored with amazon so you can place your orders in a timely manner. hope that helps!

              1. Thanks. Might just download the Twitter app for that. I only used Twitter twice or thrice for giveaways..
                Do you know if amazon also had the new classic edition once?

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