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Pokémon CEO Confirms They Will Make Games For Nintendo NX

The Pokemon Company has confirmed that they’re developing games for Nintendo’s next generation platform the Nintendo NX. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal the Pokémon Co.’s chief executive explained what we all thought and that the system is basically going to be a handheld console hybrid. This matches the various rumours and reports we’ve been reading over the last few months.

Pokémon Co.’s chief executive said Tuesday his company plans to create games for Nintendo Co.’s next-generation system, which people familiar with the plans say is likely to meld features of traditional consoles and hand-held devices.

“The NX is trying to change the concept of what it means to be a home console device or a hand-held device,”




  1. ||We will change everything like we always do…||

    ||Watch the corrupted forces imitate us in the near future…||

  2. Uuuuhm… okay, strange situation… so why again is the Pokemon Company revealing Nintendo’s secrets? I thought the same thing would happen nonetheless, but they should have kept their mouth’s shut. If Nintendo want’s to reveal it a week before launch, let them. It’s their product…

    1. The problem is Nintendo has waited too long to reveal the NX. You can’t keep a secret as big as the NX indefinitely. It was bound to get leaked eventually, and I’m honestly surprised we haven’t seen leaked photos. I don’t know what Nintendo is thinking, what’s the point of a big reveal if it gets leaked before hand? If pictures and specs get leaked before the reveal it would be a disaster for Nintendo. I don’t understand why they would risk that.

      1. 1) it’s Nintendo’s decision to wait.
        2) I don’t think it’s strange there was a leak, only that it was the Pokémon Company who leaked it. One of Nintendo’s best partners.
        3) I agree they need to reveal it rather sooner than later. They need to drop the bombs themselves to maximize impact.

  3. I think in the future the console marketed will be Nintendo and Sony. Microsoft will drop out. You know maybe about the new Consoles PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio and that their games are made for PS4 and Xbox One, too. So that will lead to the same graphics on Scorpio and Pro by third party developers and only exclusives will look a bit better on Scorpio. Then there comes Nintendo which is the only company of the three with a new approach on consoles and the graphics should be on par with Xbox One & PS4 (S). So Nintendo will get again more third parties, because Developers need to develop games to work on lesser performance consoles. And I think furthermore Vulkan will be playing a big part as a low level api and Microsoft should not be to happy about Vulkan. One more point is Nintendo handheld part – if true – will net alot of smartphone players in.

    1. Xbox isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. While Microsoft’s platform is Windows 10 now, Xbox is just a form factor. PC’s (computer towers), are for hardcore hobbyists. They’re complicated, and take up a shit ton of space, something I don’t think the average consumer is attracted to. I don’t know a single person who owns a PC, most people have switched over to tablets. I suspect that’s common practice among most people, and I think the average gamer is more likely to buy a console than invest in a PC (IMHO an outdated form factor). So I think extending Xbox games to PC’s just expands Microsoft’s “mindshare”, since they own both platforms anyways.

      Sony is in real trouble though, wouldn’t be surprised to see them go belly up, and have to sell off their IP’s. They just raised the price of a network which barely works making it noncompetitive, no one buys their exclusives, the PS4 Pro is an epic fail that does less than an Xbox One S, their movie division keeps putting out box office flop after flop, they get hacked all the time and they’re hemorrhaging money.
      All Nintendo really has to “worry” about is the Scorpio, and I’m pretty sure the Scorpio is being made for a completely different audience. If Microsoft were smart they would go all in with the Scorpio. Having an Xbox One S at $299 that does more than the competitors “Pro” model, and then releasing a true high-end Scorpio for $599-$699 would dominate for them. Similar to iPad Air vs. iPad Pro (two similar devices aimed at different audiences), the Xbox One S is for your average gamer while the Scorpio is for the console hobbyist. It’s a simple idea that makes both models relevant, something Sony clearly didn’t understand.

      Nintendo has nothing to worry about, Microsoft is going after a different audience, and Sony is as more than likely as good as dead.


    Also the fact it’ll have Pokémon pretty much confirms it’ll do much better than the Wii U.

      1. The fact it’s a hybrid pretty much leaves them with no choice but doing the main series games. Pokken and Rumble are spin-offs. The main series is what sells.

  5. If NX will be a hybrid between a console and handheld now comes a doubt: Will be Tegra x1 like Emyli Roger says or AMD?

    Whatever is the answer, certainly internet will be fun for… more rumors.

    *Sorry for my poor english.

  6. It has sounded like a hybrid for quite a while.
    This just gives that speculation even more credibility.
    If it truly ends up being a tie between both console and handheld, I’m going to be very excited.
    Nintendo being able to focus all of their game development on one system would be a fantastic thing.
    And if the rumors are true that it will be able to play their mobile games as well, then it really would have everything in one place (although I wouldn’t care if it didn’t play their mobile games).
    Gah… I just hope it’s good and fun.

    1. Yeah but will a dedicated hybrid handheld be a easy sell in North America and Europe? Japan? Definitely but the North American and European gaming markets are home console dominated audiences. I’m getting the NX day one regardless but a dedicated handheld hybrid just seems like a big risk……especially to get support from western 3rd parties

      1. I don’t think it’ll be a hard sell for them. I mean there are 17M sold 3DS in USA alone. Just depends on if it’s at least decent at being a handheld/or home console. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  7. hmm you guys are forgetting what iwata said and that handhelds and console hardware won’t be integrated
    Not to mention you guys completely ignoring the fact that Reggie called the NX a home console more than once.

    1. Only what Iwata said should really matter. Reggie says a lot of things that most of the time ended up being wrong the last 5 years. Not to mention he tends to just spew a bunch of PR talk bullshit.

  8. I see. This sounds like a patcher prediction to me. Pokemon on a Nintendo console? I can hardly believe it, that has never happened before! No even a single home console has ever had a pokemon game on it, this is just so mind blowing that The Pokemon Company would support Nintendo do instead of, say, the Vita! I am so surprised. Just wow.

    1. I think what they meant was the main series which hasn’t been on a home console before. Combined with the other thing he said it pretty much confirms the hybrid.

    2. I’m pretty sure Jaded is being sarcastic, guys. If the NX is a console/handheld hybrid, of course the NX is going to have a mainline Pokemon game eventually. Only an idiot would think otherwise. xD

  9. He didn’t say hybrid. He said A home console “OR” a handheld.
    Maybe it’s 2 systems running the same OS

    1. Good point, he is being purposefully vague. However, even with the “two systems one platform” argument, this would still imply that mainline pokemon games would be available on both.

    2. I’d paste my previous explanation on Nlife’s forums here, but it might fly over some people’s heads.
      Basically, when using this expression, “or” means the same thing as “and”. Conjunctions have very malleable meanings and it’s not strange to have a “positive” conjunction such as “and” (which usually has aggregative meaning) to carry the meaning of opposition and contrast (as in “young and old” or “apples and oranges”).

      “Or”, in this case, it’s the same in reverse. It’s establishing an opposition between portable consoles and home consoles, but both are “changed” by a single entity (“The NX is…”). It implies that the opposition between portable and home console exists within the concept of the NX.

      Does that mean we won’t see a home console down the line? No. It does mean that at least one device will fuse both concepts, though.

  10. I am so intrigued by what the NX will be but definitely glad that Pokemon will be in the pipeline for the console. What are Nintendo going to reveal the NX though?! What’s up with that?!

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