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Pokémon Bank Won’t Be Compatible With Sun and Moon Until 2017

Back when Pokémon Sun and Moon was first announced, Junichi Masuda mentioned that the games will be compatible with Pokémon Bank. This also included a promise that Pokemon from the Virtual Console versions of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow would be transferable. However, it has now been announced that Bank won’t work with the upcoming games until it gets an update in January 2017. Trainers will have to wait a few months before they can transfer their Pokémon into the new games. This will certainly come as a disappointment to some fans.

18 thoughts on “Pokémon Bank Won’t Be Compatible With Sun and Moon Until 2017”

  1. Hi, several questions…

    Is that video available in English?

    Will the Red/Blue/Yellow pokemon transfer to bank be held up until January as well?

    Will I be able to transfer my X/Y/ORAS pokemon from the bank into Sun/Moon before january 2017?


  2. Ok hold on? Since when is Red/Blue/Yellow Pokemon was able to be transfer to Pokemon Bank??? I know that came out with the Virtual for the 3DS but it just basic the old game in the 3DS right? Also this stink if this is the case for Sun and Moon. This mean your going to have to earn your keeps in Sun and Moon when that come out… But that never did this to Pokemon OR and AS when that came out as you where able to transfer Pokemon from the bank to Pokemon OR and AS right away… So why not for Sun and Moon???

    1. They announced along with the VC games, that they would later update Bank to allow you to bring your VC pokes into SuMo.

      Also, SuMo is a new generation, ORAS was not, so that’s why ORAS was compatible right away while SuMo will have to wait for an update to Bank.

    2. 1. The RBY compatibility is old news. Very old.

      2. Sun and Moon are introducing new Pokemon, and ORAS didn’t. That’s why they were immediately compatible.

      1. When??? I though RBY was just the same game from what it was when it 1st came out to a 3DS how would you be able to put then in the Pokemon Bank then?

        Well that maybe true you would think that would be able to do that already with all the time that had for it to come out…

  3. Damn it! I got a bunch of Eevee evolutions under level 10 that I’d like to use on my adventures through Alola. Oh well. This won’t really be an issue for me since I’ll be too busy clearing up my backlog on PS4 so I probably won’t actually be playing much of Sun & Moon til sometime after January anyway.

    My biggest concern, though, is Cosplay Pikachu! I hope they haven’t forgotten about the poor girl & leave her locked to the damn 3rd gen remakes. :/ I put a lot of time & effort into that bitch, damn it!

      1. So GameFreak fucked over those of us that put a lot of time, effort, blood, sweat, & tears into Cosplay Pikachu. I’m getting so sick of this locked to one particular thing bullshit Nintendo & their affiliates got going on. NX better fix these issues or I’m sticking with 3DS & PS4. Maybe dig out the failure Wii U to play Zelda then ditch Nintendo til they get a clue. I knew I was probably wasting my time with Pikachu & the contest bullshit. But I only have myself to blame for putting such high trust & expectations up.

  4. Sooo mad about this!!! It’s like buying a new computer and you can’t update anything for 3 months!!! I bet It’s just Nintendo’s smug way of saying; “Give the new Pokemon a chance before you bring that well balanced killing machine of a party into this game”. It’s just like how you couldn’t trade in past games untill the elete 4 were destroyed.

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