Beyond Good & Evil 2 Has Been Teased Again

Michael Ancel has posted an Instagram teaser image for Beyond Good & Evil 2. Although the game wasn’t directly mentioned, he does says that the game is in pre-production and that people should “stay tuned”. We’ve included the Instagram post for you down below.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6


  1. I’m kind of curious about the first game. I own the PS3 HD version I think from PS Plus. Is it a game worth checking out? (I’m guessing it is due to the high critical acclaim.) And what kind of gameplay style is it?

    1. I played it when released on PC, and I enjoyed a lot. The gamestyle is kind of Zelda like adventure. The camera is a theme tool, which remainds me about Wind Waker.

  2. I’ve never played the first one. I hope they bundle the second with the HD version 1st one too. And i hope it comes to NX. That’d be dope as hell.

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