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US: Watch Pokémon The First Movie On The Big Screen

Select Cinemark theatres in the United States will showing Pokémon: The First Movie and also the accompanying short “Pikachu’s Vacation”. You’ll be able to watch the first movie at over 200 Cinemark theaters on Saturday, October 29, and Tuesday, November 1. Tickets for the event itself are cheap at only $5. Presale tickets are available now for both the October 29 matinee shows and the November 1 evening shows.


13 thoughts on “US: Watch Pokémon The First Movie On The Big Screen”

  1. This is awesome! My friends and I have never actually seen the first movie (even though we’ve played some of the games) so we’re all gonna try to get tickets and go together :D

  2. When they release the original trilogy of Star Wars into theaters, then I’ll be motivated to go see old movies on the big screen since I haven’t seen those movies in theaters as I wasn’t even born at the time. I’ve only ever seen the prequels & Force Awakens in theaters. Oh & that animated Clone Wars movie awhile back. It’d be nice to one day say I’ve seen every Star Wars movie in theaters so I’m just lacking the original trilogy.

    As for the first Pokemon movie, unless they are going to re-release that old Mew card as well to go with this, I’ve already seen this movie in theaters so no thanks.

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