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There’s A New Attack On Titan Visual Novel In Development For Nintendo 3DS

Ruby Party, which is a Koei Tecmo studio, has revealed that it has been hard at work developing a visual novel based on Attack on Titan for the Nintendo 3DS. It is called Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death and is currently around 30 percent complete.

It features an original story that takes place in a certain old castle. You take on the role of a Survey Corps character and must find a way to escape from the old castle alongside familiar characters.

The protagonist is an original character, who lost their equipment and got lost in the old castle and will escape with two or three others. When you first start out, you’ll get to pick the gender of the protagonist. Going male will give you Mikasa and female will get you Levi as partners.

As you advance through the story, you’ll get to work with various characters. The story takes place before the female Titan shows up in the original work.




  1. does this mean no foriegn moon speak just reading? If so then i’ll get it if it’s not a lazy digital job like the last game.

      1. fuck no we are an english speaking country for a reason not to hear ching ching chong ching as we play our games stop being a fucking obese weeb

              1. And your just a guy who is being trying to be something they wont be and will have a language they will never need so stop being a butt hurt autistic and shut the fuck up you fag!

        1. It’s not considered being a weeb. I’m not a hardcore anime fan but I prefer the subs because I think some of the dub voices (like the main character) doesn’t suit the character. Just saiyan.

          If we’re gonna argue about the voices, then the developers should think about adding a voice language option like Resident Evil Revelations did. And yes, I know that’ll mean a longer wait.

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