Super Mario Run Is Still Scheduled For December And Is Developed By DeNA

Probably the most hotly anticipated mobile title coming this year is the 2D Mario title Super Mario Run for Apple’s iOS platforms. Video game industry analyst Serkan Toto has revealed that the free to start title is currently being developed by Nintendo’s partner DeNA rather than Nintendo themselves. Still we know some big names have been involved in its development so I’m sure it will turn out just fine.



  1. i dont think their was any doubts but ok

    by they assuring us that mario run is still coming out by they end of the year makes me think of the ssb4 situation where sakuri kept promising that it would hold a 2014 release and barley made it

    1. Yeah. They’ve also detailed the gloves and shoes as well. I think his overalls have been stitched up as well.

      Makes me curious how they’re going to top this one.

  2. Weird that Nintendo isn’t making this, but I’m sure they were heavily, heavily involved with just about every aspect.

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