Nintendo Switch

Check Out This 3D Render Of The Nintendo Switch Controller

While most people won’t be able to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch until it comes out in March, this interactive 3D render will let you get a closer look at its controller. Created by Virtual Studio, the model seems incredibly accurate to what was shown in the console’s reveal trailer. We can’t be sure this is exactly what the final product will look like, but its a good bet. Check it out below.

Nintendo Switch by Virtual Studio on Sketchfab


  1. Looking at it closer, i see now the thought behind the offset joy sticks and the d pad turning into 4 buttons. Now when you use each for multiplayer, they are the same. I might be stating the obvious but im a bigger fan of this design now. 6 months!!

  2. I wanna know if you can put a big SD card so I can go all digital or how are they gonna handle that? I don’t see one.

  3. I just feel like the screen is a little too small to play console games intended for the living room…

    1. Well you don’t have to use it. You can just let it sit in the dock and play it like any other system. It actually should have a pretty nice picture though. Even if the resolution on it is only 720p, it’s size means it’ll have a much higher pixel density than most living room tv’s.

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