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The Wonderful 101’s Director Is “Kind Of” Interested In A Nintendo Switch Port

It looks like there’s a slight chance of The Wonderful 101 coming to Nintendo Switch. That’s based on a tweet from the director of the 2013 Wii U action game, Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya, who says he is “kind of” interested in making a port for Nintendo’s upcoming console with the aim of trying to reach a larger audience. Check out his tweet below:



  1. Port?

    Why not start from the ground up and make something new to support the new system…

    I always wanted to play the first game, but heard mixed view’s on it from friends.

    1. I’m on Nintendosystems since the SNES and I got quite a WiiU library together. And no, I’m not bragging, I just try to make you understand what it means, when I say W101 is among my top 5 games on that system.
      Yeah, it clearly has an issue with its control scheme as it’s not as accessible as it could be. But it’s something one can get over it and not a dealbreaker. Especially when you aunderstand that drawing the shapes on the WiiUPad doesn’t work as good than just drawing them with the analog stick and make the drawing process faster (by an upgrade) it’s not such a big deal anymore. So this is the only real critique anyone ever had against this game and it’s something that you will not just get used to, but it also still delivers a very unique and original concept of playing the game. So it’s a bit of a two edged sword but for me, it at least has also advantages and isn’t just a downside or anything.
      That being said, the game is so overfilled with things that make it worth being played, at least as long as you like Platinum Games’ actiongames, this one is definitely one hell of a gem. The level of exaggeration reaches a level, even Bayonetta might have hard times to reach. It’s unbelievable how much detail, how many ideas and hos many superstupid and funny quotes went into this game. As Viewtiful Joe might still be my favorite PG game (even though I believe PG didn’t exist back then, but it still shares the same footprint) W101 feels like a spiritual … not successor but at least ancestor to it.
      So yeah, if you get the chance, play it, definitely. And get new friends. Some you can trust :P

  2. Give me the same game with traditional controls, and I’m all over it. Game was fantastic. Controls were terrible.

    1. Controls was great for the gamepad but would be horrible for a regular controller. Drawing with the sticks were rough but really easy with the gamepad.

      1. Hey Tre….haven’t seen you in a while buddy. What are your impressions of the NS? I was thrown off at first about the idea of a hybrid but since I saw the trailer I like the concept

          1. Same here. I’m still a bit skeptical myself but if anyone can make this idea work it’s Nintendo. Me…I’ll probably rarely use it in handheld mode because I’m not really big on handhelds but the home console portion does seem appealing. Overall the look of the NS and how it’s features were utilized on the trailer got me really interested. I hope Nintendo really has a steady flow of games for it this time around

            1. Portable will be used around the house same way I used the gamepad but definitely use it more docked.

            1. Thank you. I enjoy technology and enjoy learning about companies. I try to research before I comment. If I don’t know about something I won’t comment.

      2. Always used the sticks to draw shapes, worked exactly like a pro controller. Much easier to do then drawing on the gamepad if you ask me

        1. That’s good. I had trouble with some of them using the sticks. It was just easier for me to draw since I love to draw things.

  3. So instead of making something new to try to get more people interested in buying the Switch they want to release a game that didn’t even get people to buy a Wii U:/
    How about creating a new game first to help sell the Switch and then re release the Wonderful 101 on the NS! These devs are getting lazy now:/

    1. Its fine. As long as the ports arent handle by first party it should be fine. I just want a steady flow of games to come to the switch, that way even those that passed on the wii u can still play those amazing games.

      1. I bought mine full price and it was worth my time and effort. Had a wonderful time with the game.

    1. It was a very good game it’s just that the controls were garbage and required a distinctive learning curve. I’d be fine with an enhanced version of W101 but I’d rather have enhanced version of the original Vanquish if a sequel doesn’t come

  4. This is my favorite Wii U game and I would love to have a portable version. Though I would prefer a sequel.

  5. Meh. W101 was a big disappointment to me.
    Maybe if they fixed the controls and some other design annoyances.. it could be fun.
    I’d rather have Bayonetta 3 or something new.

  6. Hmm, I never got it on the Wii U. If it came to NS, that seems like it would be a good starting place for me to be introduced to the series.

  7. “Kind of.” Lol why even port? Make a new W102 or something else. Porting any game from Wii U to Switch is just not necessary. We need new games for the new system. Not many people were even that interested in this game. I own it (bought on release) but after playing for a few hours I had to just put it down as the controls were too confusing to me and it ruined the game play. I will give it another try as well as give Pikmin 3 another try (this one was just hard for me) as I don’t like to give up on a game completely. Really hope the Switch starts out with 20+ games and at least 100+ games (many need to be AAA 3rd party games) in its first year. In order to succeed and to get many of us Nintendo fans on board, it needs to do well commercially.

  8. Gross, W101 is an absolutely terrible game, please make something else or at least port a better game, Platinum

  9. The game was phenomenal! Biw personally, I would change the controls from mostly touch screen (Wii U)to predominantly face & sholder buttons (SWITCH).

    Because a whole lot of people butched & cried about the Wii U’s touch screen controls. (In order to activate a weapon you had to draw either a line, an “L”, a circle or an “S”. It amazed me how so many people had a hard time with these controls. But….hey! To each is own I guess.

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