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Kimishima Spoke On The Current Situation With Wii U Sales

The news from Nintendo’s financial briefing continues with more details straight from Kimishima on Wii U sales. We’ve included all the details below.


“We have significantly decreased the shipping volume for Wii U for the fiscal year ending March 2017 compared to the fiscal year ended March 2016, and we are expecting to sell 800,000 units.

These graphs show the sell-through (sales from retailers to consumers) of Wii U hardware and first party packaged software in our major markets: Japan, the U.S. and Europe. Sales from April 2016 through the second week of October are compared against sales in the same period for the last two years. Hardware sell through for this period is down significantly compared to the previous two years, but this is in alignment with our expectations. The sell-through for software is not as high as that for the previous period, which saw the release of major hits such as Splatoon and Super Mario Maker, but due to the increased sell-through overseas of popular titles at a special low price point under the
Nintendo Selects banner, total sales are on par with those for the fiscal year ended March 2015.

Note: FY = Fiscal year (April through March of the following year)”


7 thoughts on “Kimishima Spoke On The Current Situation With Wii U Sales”

  1. The Last Big Push…is what I call this. & when I say “big” I mean “from a Wii U standpoint”. So lets applaud the Wii U one last time. The games were actually “GREAT” & The gimmick was a foolish on their part (a tablet that was only operational near the system). Lol

    … the end, I Had Fun With My Wii U.

    1. i honestly didnt realize so many people were bummed out about the connectivity distance “issue”. after all, i remember the whole selling point behind the touch screen controller was to be able to share the television with someone else with out interrupting your game play. i dont remember it ever being advertised as a portable unit. just seems like a silly thing to be upset about… probably about as silly as thinking people who own video game consoles only have one tv in the house ( its not as if its the 1940’s). point being, the portability of the controller was unnecessary and never designed to be.

      1. I completely agree. While we used the off screen capability of the Gamepad a lot in my house, my favorite feature of the tablet was the ability to play some of the games in local two player mode without having to play split screen. That was a great feature for me.

        I get so tired of people calling everything that Nintendo does a gimmick. If it’s a feature that adds value to the experience, how’s that a gimmick. I think that most of the people who would call the Gamepads use of two screens for local multiplayer a gimmick are those who have no friends to play local multiplayer games with. Besides, some people will always find something to bitch about.

        1. Exactly. I never ever even saw it as an issue the distance connectivity of the gamepad to the console. It was never misadvertised as such, ever. People really need to stop making out stuff when it comes to Nintendo. And yes, really stop using term ‘gimmick’ cause it is making them look kinda uneducated and Sonyfanboyish.

  2. I Honestly wanted them to suffer with the wiiu this year, ditch your supporters after releasing games within huge time gaps

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