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New Character Coming To Pokkén Tournament Arcade

A new Pokémon character will be unveiled for Pokkén Tournament arcade on November 1st. The character will be revealed in a NicoNico stream at 20:00 JST. It’s unclear whether this particular character will make an appearance in the Wii U version of the game, but it will certainly be interesting to see who it is.



  1. I’m pretty sure that the new character could be greninja. Wonder why? Here’s one reason.

    1 ash greninja power up I can tell and Pokkén tournament won’t get DLCs I can tell because I’m losing faith for this game if it doesn’t get a DLC pack.


    1. Its Empoleon dude. The WiiU version was data mined during one of its updates before more characters were announced and found Darkrai, Scizor, and Emploeon files in that order. They are probably either waiting to release all at once or their going to make a switch version of the game that will include those 3 similar to how other popular wiiu titles are getting switch versions with more content.

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      1. There is still 1 more pokemon that we couldn’t identify in the data mine, It could be Greninja or any other pokemon
        Im willing to bet that it could be a Gen 7 Pokemon for sun and moon promotion, I would die happy if they put Incineroar in but people would probably complain that its like the 5th fire type in the game


  2. I’m thinking they may be snubbing the Wii U version of DLC so they can rerelease it on Switch and have more characters there. I’m gonna enjoy playing better versions of the games I play now once Switch comes out, but kinda sucks that I bought all the big Wii U games trying to help support Nintendo only to have better versions come out later. 😂😐

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