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Charles Martinet Says He’s Still The Voice Of Mario

People were understandably worried when Charles Martinet’s Facebook page changed to say that he was the former voice of Mario and company. Well it turns out this was just a glitch/error on his Facebook page and he has reassured fans that he is still the voice behind Mario, Luigi, Wario, Baby Mario, WalLuigi and Baby Luigi.

Thanks to those who sent this in!

32 thoughts on “Charles Martinet Says He’s Still The Voice Of Mario”

  1. When i look at his profile, i can’t help but feel bad for him because there a pair of individuals (a guy and a girl) who spam his timeline making cringe worthy comments on both his personal and fan page.

  2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Like I said hours before he even confirmed it…||

    ||The legend of legends would not ever resign without a big announcement, period…||

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Someone doesn’t have intelligence, go back to the previous thread regarding this subject and you’ll see…||

        ||Investigate before opening your mouth or using your fingers human…||

          1. Do you think a fictitious character is deserving of a church? My answer is no if you are thinking about that annoying troll then grow the fuck up you autistic fuck!

  3. I’m not worried. Even if he did retire one day, they could probably find someone to do a very good impersonation of Martinet’s voices & we’d never notice the change. There are some very talented voice impressionists out there in the world if you take the time to look and have the resources to find these people.

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