Virtual Console Release Of F-Zero X Is Having Control Issues

Nintendo is normally good at making their Virtual Console games perfectly parallel their original releases. However, the Wii U release of F-Zero X seems to be having some problems. According to various Miiverse posts, the game’s controls are a bit off. The series’ fast paced racing relies on accurate controls, so this is seriously damaging to the game. Hopefully, Nintendo will release a patch in the next few days.


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  1. Maybe if they’d spend less time chasing after the younger audience with the Mini NES that would rather play Call of Duty or a sports game like WWE 2k17, maybe they could have gave better VC games on the Wii U. I guess it’s just another sign that Nintendo isn’t even trying with the Wii U anymore.

      1. The point is, Nintendo is using old fodder and lazy tricks when we all know they can do better.

        Nintendo needs to pull their heads out of their asses and be great again. Stop being afraid. Stop relying on old shit. Stop relying on casuals.

        INNOVATE and Make epic games. Like the did with Zelda and Mario and Metroid. Like they did with Super Metroid. Like they did with Mario 64. And Metroid Prime. And Pikman. And starfox. And Sunshine & Galaxy.

        Switch is a crossroad for Nintendo. Stop living in the past. Use the past, but don’t be used by it. Be great, but don’t hide in past greatness. Being true to your fans doesn’t mean you can’t Forge your own path.

        Dont let us down Nintendo. We all want you to succeed. Stop fucking around and show us what you can do. Until then, some of us are not letting you off easy. We’ re going to bitch and fight and drag you back to your destined path.

  2. Was upset that it wasn’t released on VC in North America…… key word being ‘was’…

    This isn’t the Nintendo I’ve always known.

    1. I’m starting a new YouTube channel very soon! I will need all the Nintendo fans I can find. Especially the original fans. You sound like a good candidate! >;D

  3. This better not happen when a new F-ZERO comes out. And that BETTER happen with the Switch.

    Doesn’t have to be a launch title, hell, doesn’t even have to be released within its first year, but it better be announced very soon into its lifespan.

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