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Toys R Us: New Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy Style For $175

US retailer Toys R Us are selling the newly released New Nintendo 3DS Galaxy Style for the discounted price of $174.99. The system normally retails for $199.99 so there’s clearly a bargain to be had. Don’t forget that Black Friday is coming up so it could be worth holding out to see if there’s any further discounts on Nintendo’s current handheld, but if you’re specifically after the Galaxy themed 3DS then you may want to bite.

11 thoughts on “Toys R Us: New Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy Style For $175”

  1. “Inferior”? To what? It’s the highest selling handheld ever. I like it a lot more than a boring ass PC, with its mundane library.

    Can you carry a PC around? Can you fit a laptop in your pocket?
    Does a PC Recognize other possible players by being the same proximity?

    I am just assuming your comparing the 2.
    That would be like comparing a Van to a motorcycle.
    If you want 3rd row seating(?) ….take the Van(PC),if you like speed and mileage, take the Bike.

    1. }{ 1. Inferior to PC’s 2. mundane? a. have you seen the 3ds’s releases lateley? and b. the pc has entire genres you can’t even possibly fathom on a console 3. Yes, I can carry my PC around, and I take it with me almost everywhere 4. No, but then again, the 3ds xl can only just fit in a pocket, and it makes the person with those pants extremely uncomfortable 5. first, if that’s where your priorities are in a system, we need to talk, next, yes, they probably could, if someone wrote software allowing their bluetooth functionality to work with each other and thirdly, we really don’t need that feature, because internet is almost everywhere, and LAN play works just fine. 6. (sorry to go out of order, this will be in response to “It’s the highest selling handheld ever”, I’m afraid not. That title would belong to certain types of smartphone… Still inferior, even if the design is pretty… }{

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