Want To See What’s Inside The NES Mini? Check Out This Video

The NES Mini Classic is proving to be a huge hit with consumers but people are just unable to get their hands on them at the moment. Just to rub salt in the wound YouTuber Jerry Rig Everything has dismantled the highly sought after device and has given us a look at the innards that power the tiny system. You can check it out in the video, below.

Thanks to blbagley for the tip!


      1. ||When did I say the human did wrong? Besides its irrelevant existence that is…||

  1. It seems like everyone want to to know every secret of this console. No wonder they are desperate to find things related to the Nintendo Switch. I hope the NDA take action to stop people like this.

    1. What on earth are you going on about?

      What possible negative is there behind this?

      Are you really suggesting that business should be trying to make it Illegal for cosumers to be curious about how things work? Or, to share their curiosity and enthusiastic will to share their knowledge and discovery with others?

      Seriously, every innovator and engineer on the planet got their start by taking apart the things their predecessors made to learn how they work, and by sharing that curiosity and knowledge with their peers.

      If people were forbidden to learn are share knowledge obtained from mechanical deconstruction, there would be no future innovators and engineers.

      Just what do you think they have you do when you attend beginners engineering classes? Take things apart to see how they work.

      1. I see now. Sorry about my misunderstanding. Thanks to you and The Man of Brisk I can see how wrong I was. I will be more careful so that I don’t jump to conclusions so fast.

    2. How is dismantling the NES Mini searching for clues about Switch? There is no way these two are connected. That would be like digging through the game files of Team Fortress 2 for clues about Overwatch’s character Sombra.

      The only thing this guy has to worry about here is voiding the warranty.

      1. Sorry to sound paranoid. I thought this because in an interview Reggie say “we are not talking tecnical specifications” which was the same thing he said when asked about the Switch.

  2. I am glad i was able to buy one. Doctre81 invited me on Saturday to play with his NES classic…the only thing that annoys me is that i always have to bring my own chair. lol

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