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Sports Columnist Bill Simmons Is Frustrated With The NES Classic Sellouts

Bill Simmons seems pretty upset about the NES Classic Edition sellouts. The sports columnist says he couldn’t find one in Los Angeles and wishes Nintendo made more of them available to consumers. The company recently assured that more consoles will be shipped to retailers through the holiday season and into the new year.


54 thoughts on “Sports Columnist Bill Simmons Is Frustrated With The NES Classic Sellouts”

  1. Everyone needs to give Nintendo a break today! I can tell Nintendo probably would have made a lot more money on these first 2 launch days if they had shipped more, but…

    1. What upsets me is that Nintendo clearly understocked on purpose, which at this point is just annoying. I want to give them my money, yet it seems like they don’t want it.

      1. Agreed. It got annoying when I wanted a New 3ds black. But stores always ran out because of limited shipments. So I had to wait to 3 1/2 weeks to get it. Nintendo can make more money if they had supplies ready for everyone

  2. What a Nintendo Noob.
    He obviously doesn’t know that with Nintendo, delays, shortages and lack of games are all Standard Operating Procedure.
    He’s obviously not, nor has ever been a Nintendo fan.

        1. I’m definitely gonna be seeing it next month! Aside from the original trilogy which came out before my parents were ever even a couple (I was born in ’87 & they probably didn’t hook up til ’85), I haven’t missed a single Star Wars movie in theaters yet! Including the animated Clone Wars that introduced Ahsoka Tano! I would have seen the original trilogy in theaters if they didn’t cancel the 3D release of every single movie into theaters a couple of years back. :/ Why did you cancel that, Disney!? Why!?

    1. Yeah, but unless it’s a much, much larger 2nd batch, you still won’t get one, sadly. And with the holidays, unless there is a quantity limit, the scalpers will scoop them up like Amiibo.

      Now and then I get a twinge to get one, then I play a couple virtual console games to get it out of my system.

      1. I simply remind myself of the fact there are only 3 or maybe 5 games I’d actually play on it, so that’s enough of a deterrent for me.

    1. lol I didn’t buy until they bundled with Twilight Princess. The Wii impressed no one in terms of graphics or conventional controls but almost everyone I knew had one

    2. Like I stated on a different article, the Wii at the time was using new hardware that wasn’t entirely understood yet and wasn’t 100% nailed down, so it had a legit reason to be shortstocked. Unpleasant, yes, but understandable.

      This is just a box with a bunch of 30-year-old games on it that takes only seconds to copy/paste the files into, and maybe a tiny bit more for the different resolutions like CRT and 4:3. This has no good excuse.

    3. The Wii was easier to find honestly. The Wii was shipped to dozens of different distributors and could be bought online. The classic NES is basically order online only.

      1. Let’s say they shipped two million, two weeks 2-3 weeks before black friday and they sold out like this. Then they gauge the market and make a huge push for the holiday. Demand heightens… great. But that isn’t too high of a number either. And what if they whiffed and made 10 million and they were sitting around.

        If they went less than a million units shipped globally, then that might be low. But still, even if they did do that, it might get under some people’s skin, but it also puts the name in the news and if people are that mad, it must be pretty awesome.

        It would only be a problem if no one gave a shit

    1. But what we do know, is its common practice by Nintendo. We don’t need to know how many were manufactured or sold to know that Nintendo do cannot project-manage, nor can they project sales to ensure inventory. Time, and time, and time again. Just so we are clear, there are some things that can be deduced by historical, repeated data, which is the scientific elements of a plausible hypothesis.

      1. What it appears is that if this is the case, it may be their thinking that this drives sales or is their best way of determining demand.

        This thing could easily have not been a hot item.

    1. …Me Too!! First we had:
      *The Pet Rock. Next came…
      *The Rabbits Foot. Soon came…
      *The Slinke. Then came…
      *Play-toe Clay. Then we saw…
      *The Etch-A-Sketch. Followed by…
      *The Cabbage Patch Kids. Next up was…
      *The Original NES. Up next was…
      *The Transformers. UNBELIEVABLY NEXT..
      *The Mr. T & MC Hammer Dolls. Then…..
      *The Evil Teddy Ruxpin. Up next was…..
      *Those Beenie Babies. Which ushered in…
      *Tickle Me Elmo. Followed by…
      *The Wii. Which brings us to…
      *The NES Mini…..Whew!!!!
      Just another flash in the pan holiday cadh in by Nintendo. Afterall, the Wii U is DEAD IN THE WATER BKA SHARK FOOD!!!!

        1. Dude, you are so totally right!!!
          I completely Stretch Armstrong aka Plastic Man & The famed Amiibos. Lol! But at the end all of this is nothing more but Nintendo creating a toy at low shipment & causing a high demand. The Sega Genesis version is more impressive being sold at $40 & carrying 2 wireless controllers plus 80 different games. Not to mention it plays some sega genesis cartridges. That should be the retro toy of the holiday season.

      1. lol…. play-toe. Is that a slip? It’s Play-Dough. Tough shit fucker. Real tragic. He could have to work a real job where he has to do more than give his opinon. And for a lot less money, might I add. Lots and lots of cry babies these days. Glad I was born when men were still being made.

  3. damn people are getting pretty pissed about this xD

    I mean, shame on Nintendo for not thinking that this would go down as popular for, like, EVERYBODY but damn people are really getting upset lol

    1. they knew it would be popular, others already said that the shortages are on purpose and that is not because they are dicks, its to gauge how many want and WILL buy just so they don’t overstock and leave some sitting around. while i do agree that its annoying that most companies do this it is the best option so that they don’t overstock.

      1. Agreed, and as I said, “this is good news”. But just in case, if they do this on the Switch, I’m getting mine first hand. I’m not going to be left without a system sell out again. Wii did that too me last time, I was lucky with the wii u…missed the mini, not missing the switch…that goes for any other game system too like ps and xbox.

  4. Jeez. These people need to take a chill pill. I don’t remember people reacting this way when PS4’s were having major stocking issues (for months). But maybe I just wasn’t seeing articles on it.

    Also, are there any numbers yet on how many of these were shipped? It’s clear that scalpers have been eating up a large amount, unfortunately.

    I’m honestly surprised this is such a hot item. I thought it would be successful, but the demand for this thing is crazy.

    1. I can see the PS4 being the #1 holiday toy kids of all ages wanting to get their hands on.

      Not this!! I see adults who remember the first NES wanting a nes mini. But like I said, they pretty much ABANDONED the Wii U for the holiday prepping up for the switch. The 3DS will always generate money for the holiday. Though the demand for the handheld is slowing up more & more.

      The nes mini is a smart way of Nintendo saying “get yours now before they’re gone!” making another holiday killing. Cha ching!! Lol

    2. One cannot compare a Nintendo fan and their reactions to any other fan of gaming except another Nintendo fan. :) Of course Playstation fans didn’t react the same. For better or for worse, Nintendo fans are unique. And certainly the most Zealous. Pretty sure a Nintendo fan would literally take a bullet for Satori when he was alive, I don’t think I could say the same for gaming fans of other platforms.

  5. the funny thing is that here in colombia we still have some supplies of the nes mini and i think it’s the only country that still have in the shelves.

  6. I work at a small game store in Tennessee, and it almost feels like the shortage is either deliberate or Nintendo just didn’t plan accordingly. We were all set to receive a shipment, and then three days before the delivery was scheduled, the distributor said Nintendo cancelled with them and they weren’t going to get any, meaning any store that went through that distributor got nothing. Every day we get people asking about them, and it would help us out so much at a time when retail stores aren’t doing so well. If Nintendo is trying to sour people’s opinion of them more than they already have, they’re doing a great job.

  7. That crazy guy across the street

    Nintendo is not really the only one to blame here. you have to blame GameStop and Toys R Us and all the other retailers that are selling them. They only ordered a small amount probably thinking that they wouldn’t sell very many.

    1. Definitely not. Like I said above, we had anticipated it being a hot item, and ordered a lot. It was Nintendo that cancelled the delivery, literally a few days before the delivery was supposed to come in. We wanted them in, it’s Nintendo that wasn’t able to supply them.

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