Nintendo Minute Goes Hands On With The NES Classic Edition

A new Nintendo Minute is up and takes a look at the NES Classic Edition. In the latest episode, hosts Kit and Krysta go up close and personal with the console and play two games – Mario Bros. and Super C. Featuring a total of 30 games, the NES Classic Edition launches with a replica of the original NES controller on November 11 for $59.99.


  1. i Hate the hosts! Why can’t Nintendo just post a video with gameplay and no commentary??? Is it that hard?

  2. Again, if Switch has a Virtual Console, I hope the NES Classic Mini’s UI is indicative of what we can expect from Switch’s VC. 4 Save State Slots per game and Pixel Perfect should be standard going forward.

    1. Eh, I hope the NES Classic Mini’s EMULATION is indicative of what we can expect from Switch’s VC…. it destroys in little pieces the Wii U’s emulation.

      1. Everything we’ve said together is what Switch’s VC should be. Again, that is if Nintendo hasn’t decided to relegate all classic games to devices like this.

    1. It has 30 games, and they’re all on VC. This is just the best emulation and UI Nintendo has ever offered, which as stated above is what I hope we can expect from a Switch VC.

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