Japan: This Cool Yellow And White Nintendo 2DS Is Coming In December

The Nintendo 2DS has proved to be quite a hit in Japan so it is no surprise that Nintendo is releasing yet another colour to entice consumers to part with their hard-earned cash. The latest edition to the Nintendo 2DS family is this yellow and white model. The system includes New Super Mario Bros. 2 pre-loaded and retails for 12,938 Yen. The yellow and white bundle also includes a 4GB SD card, AC adapter and the traditional 6 AR cards.


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    1. It should be obvious at this point that Switch is not going to replace the 3DS any time soon with all of these alternate colors releasing for 2DS & 3DS.

  1. Yeah. 3DS & 2DS isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Now if sales for 3DS take a huge nose dive even with new colors coming out, then they might eventually use the Switch as a replacement for games that normally hit Nintendo handhelds.

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