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Japan: Mario Party Star Rush Sells Less Than 30,000 Units In Its First Week

Sales data provided by Media Create and Dengeki have shown that the latest entry in the Mario Party series Mario Party: Star Rush has sold less than 30,000 units during its first week in sale in Japan. Dengeki also revealed that the entertaining mini game extravaganza only sold through twenty percent of its initial shipment in Japan. To put this in perspective the previous Mario Party title Mario Party: Island Tour sold 133,000 copies in its first week and ended up selling 553,000 units in total.

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50 thoughts on “Japan: Mario Party Star Rush Sells Less Than 30,000 Units In Its First Week”

  1. I’m willing to bet that the handheld Mario Parties aren’t NEARLY as good as the major console versions. I played a little of Mario Party DS, and I HATED it. Though, even the major console versions have been sucking ever since Nd Cube took over.

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    2. Island Tour at least had mini-games at the old pacing. It was better than Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10 in that respect. The series as a whole has gone really downhill.

  2. Why don’t they just make them like the used to? That’s my only guess as to why it did so terribly-it’s not what people wanted.

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  3. To be quite honest, these low sales numbers make a lot of sense. I used to really enjoy the Mario Party games (Mario Party DS was my jam XD) but Nintendo has taken steps that make the entire party series as a whole slightly lackluster as of late.

    For the handheld games in particular, both Mario Party DS and Mario Party Advance were developed between Nintendo and the company “Hudson Soft”. While Advance didn’t end up being that great, DS was pretty good and I felt like Nintendo could have kept making games with Hudson Soft to improve in the future.

    However, Nintendo decided to try making a Mario Party game with one of their subsidiaries named “Nd cube”. Fun Fact: Nd cube SUCKS at making Mario Party games. I picked up Mario Party: Island Tour last year because it was on sale at my local game store. It was literally the worst patry game I’ve ever played. It had bad minigames, a lack of modes, and AWFUL boards (one board is based entirely on luck!!!). After the trainwreck that the last handheld Mario Party was, I don’t blame Japan for not wanting to touch this one. I was already disappointed when they introduced “Toad Scramble” mode anyway. Why can’t they just go back to the normal Mario Party format :(

    Also, interesting side note, Hudson Soft no longer exists on its own. It was purchased as a whole by Konami in 2012 :P

    1. I also don’t like the Mario Party games from Nd cube. They are not what Mario Party was meant to be. But perhaps the real culprit of this is Konami. I miss the Bomberman games of N64.

    2. Mario Party Has Always Had A Weird Difficulty Curb, Especially On One Player, Winning Due To Luck Isn’t Exactly New To Mario Party. Worst Party Game? You Must’ve Never Played That Animal Crossing Wii U Atrocity.

      1. I get that many Mario Party games have luck based elements within them. A good example would be the “chance time” or “reversal of fortune” mechanics from some of the older games. In just a little bit of time you could completely change the course of a party using that feature! The only difference between those games and Island Tour is how the luck was implemented.

        In the older Mario Parties, luck was a feature that you could encounter within the game. In Island Tour, luck became the main focus on some of the boards. The course that I particularly disliked was called “Banzai Bill’s Mad Mountain”. When playing, there is a chance that a Banzai Bill will be launched and knock players back to the starting point. You can avoid the Banzai Bill by using your turn to hide in these little side caverns in the mountain, but that’s an extra space you’ll have to cover on your next roll. The major problem is that this eliminates the skill or fun that normally comes with playing a Mario Party board, and if you’re unlucky enough to actually get hit by Banzai Bill then you have to go through the tedious process of starting from the beginning again. Once you beat the board you don’t even feel like you’ve accomplished anything, you just feel like you got lucky and had little to no fun doing so. On the contrary, the older games had luck based elements sprinkled in at sparing intervals, so it was rarer to encounter one and you felt much more “lucky” when you did.

        Also, you’re right about me never playing Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. I didn’t touch the game but from what I heard it was God-awful XD Apparently it didn’t even have mini games

    3. EA & Konami. 2 companies that use to be the pride & joy of many consoles back in the day. Nowadays, they are just shallow, money grubbing versions of themselves.

  4. Perhaps people are “Mario Party’ed OUT”!!! Console after console Mario Party (to me) died a long time ago. Well…except this last one on the Wii U. I call it BOWSER PARTY! This is actually my fav because he screws up everything when you’re on a roll. Other than this one…I couldn’t stand none of the other ones.
    Put this series on ios, iphone & smart devices where it belongs. With the casual crowd.

  5. Mario Party 1 and 2 was good for me, the rest isnt as fun as they should be. Maybe if they continued with each individual player with dice, the rest of the sequals would had turned out quite nice. NOw if you excuse me I have to train 2nd Nintendo Commander how to boil me a pot of rice. Heheheheheheh

  6. The fact that the first one sold as well as it did is completely baffling to me. Who buys a party game for a handheld? I know that in Japan there are enough people with 3DS to make multiplayer feasible, but I still can’t imagine playing Mario Party on anything but a big screen, sitting on the couch with a few friends.

    I wonder if this, together with the terrible Metroid FF sales, will convince Nintendo to move all portable gaming to the Switch. Obviously, Pokemon sales will help the 3DS, but I don’t know how long the 3DS can hold out on just that one franchise (the only other franchise on the horizon is Pikmin; I’m not optimistic that will sell well), especially once it starts competing directly with Switch and Nintendo mobile games.

    Nintendo should at LEAST consider killing off the concept of multiplayer-focused 3DS games that require cooperation, because they haven’t been selling well (Metroid FF, Zelda TFH), they don’t work well without voicechat during online play, and they are hard to play locally since not everyone has lots of friends that own 3DS that live nearby. The more competitive / noncommunicative multiplayer games, like Mario Kart and Smash, seem to be more successful.

  7. If they re-released Mario Party 2 or 3 with online mode they would sell 30,000 units in the first 24 hours.

    Really a case of developers not in tune with what the fans want. Same thing happened with Sticker Star.

  8. Gee, maybe it’s because no one wants MP in this new style? People don’t like the idea of everyone taking their turns simultaneously? Or everyone moving the same way because they’re all in a car?

    Nintendo needs to look back at the first four Mario Party games and go back to designing them like that. I fear MP will continue its path of mediocrity until then.

  9. I’ve been hearing some say that it’s actually kind of an improvement over Nd Cube’s previous attempts, but if these sales are any indication, the damage has been done.

    People don’t care for this style of Mario Party. Either get it in gear Nd Cube or just stop.

    1. That’s not the real cause though…when you play the first mario parties…specially mario party 2 for the N64, you’ll find out that people will prefer this game play alot more than star rush, mario party 9-tour…which in my options is the worst mario parties ever made. I respect your options though…its also all about tastes.

      1. Um…that’s what I just said. Did you even read?

        I just said that people don’t care for Nd Cube’s style of Party from MP9 and onwards. People want it like it used to and sales like this are indicative of that.

        I hate the current form of Mario Party. It was so much better.

  10. Shame as Star Rush is by far the best Mario Party EVER! I bought them all on day one right from mp1 but this one is truly superb!

  11. That’s what happens when the quality of the series is so inconsistent. Island Tour on 3DS is easily the worst Mario Party I’ve played, so there’s no way I’m picking this up. Especially with Pokemon coming out soon.

  12. My favorites Mario Party are 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. The capsulo/Orb type item find it like having two ways to use the items and in the MP6 you owned the spases you throw the Orbs. It was fantastic for those who like strategy. In MP3 you use the Blue Lantern to move the Star location and coul use the Reverse Mushroom to move backwards.

  13. Good! If the next Mario Party is the same fucking bullshit, I hope that one does even worse than this abomination! FedshitForce, amiibo Party, this game. All 3 never should have been made because these aren’t what fans want from these franchises. Never were & never will be. You might finally be learning your fuck ups & out of touch ways with home consoles but as for games themselves, you still have a long way to go of WAKING THE FUCK UP!! *eye twitch*

    1. Thank you, Japan! Once again, you didn’t buy trash simply because it’s on a handheld that your country is nuts about. *claps* Congratulations for not helping the sales of FedshitForce or this game! Carry on, guys & gals of Japan!

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