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Xbox Executive Comments On NES Mini Classic Shortages

No doubt the majority of you have had a hard time securing yourself a NES Mini Classic console and you’re not alone. Microsoft Studios publishing GM Shannon Loftis has commented on the matter on Twitter stating that she can’t believe Nintendo didn’t anticipate the demand for the retro console that she tried to obtain. Dan Ayoub, the head of Halo developer 343, also joined in the conversation mentioning that he tried refreshing Amazon and had no luck securing a unit.

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54 thoughts on “Xbox Executive Comments On NES Mini Classic Shortages”

  1. Is this because no one buys Nintendo consoles nowdays? The WiiU Sales were terribly low, but ask to anyone who has the console! It’s the best one in this shit generation of Remasters/Remakes! The only console who brought us Wonderful 101,Bayonetta 2, Zombi U ( just like it was meant to be played) and many more! But the people keeps going after the most powerful console who has no games! Shame on them! And live long NES!!!

      1. I feel honored! Not many people mention my name when they make a post in another article! As for Wii U, I’m sorry you guys are stuck with Gamecube’s pathetic little brother that will never, ever be on the same level as it. Enjoy the small library of good games it offers while the Gamecube not only crushes Wii U in sales but in great games, too. Even Vita is laughing at the Wii U and that sucker is just as much of a failure.

    1. The best? nope, aside from Smash, this generations nintendo console was pretty blah. All of these games arent bad, but they are far from great. Wonderful 101 was pretty bad, and im not the only one that thinks this way about it. Some weirdos love that game, but its nothing special and it has horrible controls that kill the game completely. Bayo was ok, and Zombie U was just a mediocre game at best. This is by far Nintendo shiities home console generation, Yes, even last generation was better. (im calling it the shitties by Nintendo Standards and in comparison to only Ninty home consoles.)

      1. I al one of those weirdos who love wonderful 101, it is a decent game. Smash for Wii u was kinda Ok, the roster was amazing but that smash tour killed the game for me and the worst part is that is mandatory for some of the challenges!
        IMO the best games for the Wii u are DK: Tropical freeze (soundtrack is breathtaking) and bayonetta 1 + 2

      2. 101 is fantastic if you have the right upgrades, which should’ve been prioritized by the game to tell you they are there(witch time and the upgrade that automatically makes your morph bigger if you hold the button down).
        problem with that game is that it’s got an amalgamation of all of platinums problems there’s a few cheap instadeaths and it doesn’t explain shit, however it is for the most part very challenging but fair and there is infinite continues, pus the story and characters are some of the funniest I’ve ever seen, it just has a few hiccups in the game design and is a good example of when you’re trying to be too hardcore with your game.

    2. Wonderful 101 and ZombiU weren’t very good. Bayonetta 2 felt like a generic hack n’ slash in terms of gameplay, the visuals were okay though. The only games I really enjoyed on the Wii U have been Dk Country Tropical Freeze ( probably the best single player game on the Wii U), Smash 4, and Mario Kart. And at least XB1/PS4 get well made remasters. Windwaker was okay, but Twilight Princess looked like a port. There’s also much more to other consoles than that. Halo 5, Forza, Gears 4, Dead Rising 4, AC Syndicate, Titanfall, ReCore, Sunset Overdrive, and Quantum Break on XB1 have been amazing!

  2. The main problem is companies not PAYING ATTENTION to who orders how many items *souch Amazon *cough* letting scalpers get a hold of them all. I think we remember a certain loser that got $4,000 worth of Rosalina amiibos?

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||New shipments are scheduled for the very near future, be ready to order one if you want it…||

      1. It has been some time since marce/Sylux hasn’t show in this site. He was good at talking comonsense. He frecuents more at Nintedo Life now. I thougth I should let you know if you are looking for him. I have been on this site long before starting to post coments.

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||Let’s just say that he can’t stand the uninformed cattle talking nonsense or repeating the same flawed arguments over and over…||

            ||The First Order has his unquestionable loyalty anyway…||

            1. I always enjoyed his comments, when when I disagreed with him. Nintendo Life has more pro-Nintendo commenters than people that hate Nintendo by a large margin, so I’m sure that factored into it too.

              1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                ||Nintendo Life is a civilian base, they do not dare question his logic because 95.67% of the times his logic is undeniable or statistically more valid, while the rest of the protesters whether it’s there, here or another base go by emotions which carry absolutely no relevance…||

              2. I have noted that most of the people in that site are not disgusted that Federation Force is a complete failure. I checked yesterday.

      2. Its due to the distributor went bankrupt. There will be more. The thing they should have done, is delayed the release date to deter scalpers and punks who just got it cuz it generated too much hype on fb and they want to sell a sixty buck system for five times its value. Get informed before uttering nonsense.

        1. “Get informed”? Everyone knows there will be more, these news reports are simply observations on the current situation. I mean… if you’re directing your comment at the tweet I can understand.

      3. I’m not expert on manufacturing, but was the NES Mini just really popular that it sold out immediately? Or is it that Nintendo didn’t create enough of them?

      4. She’s 100% correct It doesn’t seem like the Marketing team did their Market Research on the interest of the NES Mini after it was announced, otherwise they would have made way more than they have.

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