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Check Out Some Photos Of The Super Mario New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo recently announced two limited edition Mario New Nintendo 3DS consoles that will be released in time for Black Friday. The new styles feature a Mushroom Kingdom theme, and come in both white and black variations.

Here’s a good look at them, showing pictures of the box art and the detail on the 3DS’ themselves. Check out the images from Best Buy below:

Both colours will be available for $99.99 for a limited time only, starting on 25th November.



  1. Instead of this concept art being put onto everything nowadays, how about some 8-bit or even 16-bit Mario’s and Luigi’s?

  2. FYI
    Walmart Black Friday Ad has the Mario 3D Land New 3DS Bundle on Sale for $99 also which means you also get a game for free with the 3D Land Bundle where this Limited Edition 3DS has no game included.

      1. look at the actually ad there is a picture of the 3d land 3ds bundle where it shows the $99 white or black bundle

    1. We need a classic Sonic 3ds! But fuck you Sasori weeb trash hentai fagget ! Mario and classic Sonic are what real games are.

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