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Limited Edition New Nintendo 3DS Only $99 On Black Friday

Nintendo has announced that it plans to release two limited edition New Nintendo 3DS consoles for Black Friday. The regular sized New Nintendo 3DS will retail for just $99 and will come with limited edition faceplates. These will no doubt be snapped up for this price as a Nintendo 2DS retails for $79 so you get all the added extras with the New Nintendo 3DS. You can check out the mushroom kingdom inspired designs, below!






        1. Yea, I bought one but I totally agree there isn’t a good reason to upgrade. The better 3D was what made me purchase one, but it really loses it’s appeal after a while. I went back and played my original 3ds XL and if you keep the system still you can hardly notice a difference. I honestly thought they would make more exclusives for the thing. Now with the Switch coming out you would be crazy to buy a New 3DS even at $99.00.

          1. See, I use my 3D about 50/50, it just depends on the game. But I do enjoy it and yeah like you said, if you keep calm and still it works just fine haha!

            I will say I like the new 3ds, but feel like there should be some more advanced games for it.

            It needs some form of MMO.

    1. Me too, I was never a fan of the larger screen on the XL versions of Nintendo’s handhelds until I finally tried one. Now I can’t go back!

    1. I really, really, really like the larger screen… but if you really want someone to try to talk you into using the smaller screen, here you go:

      The Small and Larger screen display the same resolution. When you put a game in a normal sized 3DS,You will be surprised and have forgotten just how sharp the images are and how much better they look when not blown up onto the larger screen!!

      That’s a true statement, and I believe it, but I can’t go back to the smaller screen. For some reason I like having a larger screen to look at, and after a month or so, you forget how sharp the smaller screen was.

      I hope that helps! :)

      1. ||I don’t even see the logic behind the small screen, it’s like looking at a prototype…||

    2. The biggest reason is due to the face plates. People go crazy over those things.

      Hell, many XL users are upset at Nintendo because they didn’t make the XL have face plates.

      But other than the fact that people don’t like the size and prefer something that fits into their pockets as well as their interest in the colours of the ABXY buttons, there’s really no other argument here.

      But I’d suggest to keep your XL; if you like the size, why buy the smaller one?

  1. Is this really gonna be in stores? Like perhaps Target? Wal-Mart? GameStop? This seems too good to be true. It’s too bad I don’t have the money. Maybe I might get lucky in the next few days…

    1. If you already have a normal XL I wouldn’t advise getting one anyways. Not even at that price, not this close to the Switch launch. Once the Switch releases I hardly doubt many more games will be developed for the system… Unless you just wanted to flip it and make a few bucs.. Thats the only reason I could think of for buying one.. Now of course if you don’t own a 3DS at all, sure this would be the one to get.

  2. What the actual Hell? I just got a new 3ds yesterday and payed 200 for it. It’s was supposed to come with Mario 3d land but it wasn’t installed. Of course this gets announced the freaking day after

      1. i have a pokemon one and I bought the white faceplates from yodobashi in akihabara… I know the feels of paying $200+ … bummer…

        1. Lol, ive been seeing ads for it were i live. I do stay in chicago though, so that might have something to do with it. But even gaming sites like ign have been promoting a few things.

    1. Geez man, why would you pay full price for a Nintendo device just a couple weeks away from the holiday sales? Even if you can’t find one for $100.00 they will still more than likely have some sort of sale in place. You could always try and take your 3DS back if you just bought it yesterday. Say it doesn’t work properly or something and get a full refund. Most stores like Walmart will not hesitate to reimburse you. Then try to get one on sale, stick that 100 dollar bill back in your wallet!

      1. Thanks for the tips dude. But with all the free stuff that was included with it where I bought it on sale, I maybe lost a little over $30. I also managed to transfer all my stuff to this one, so I’m not really at a loss.

      1. Yea I’m gna try and get it there if possible but knowing how these scalpers are their gna sell out instantly. Hopefully there’s similar deals on black Friday for regular new 3ds. I really don’t care about a “limited edition” one lol

    1. Switch isn’t compatible with 3ds games so it’s not really much comparison. Now if you only gna have money for one I would definitely save for a switch instead lol but if 3ds is only 100 there’s not much reason why u couldn’t be able to get both, Switch release is still far off

      1. Yes I know they’re not compatible but I only see myself playing one portable system and not both. So the question that won’t be answered until January is, will the Switch really have the ability to be portable with it’s battery or go with the 3ds. Not sure yet what I’m gonna do.

        1. It’s more of a time factor than money. I don’t get enough time in with the Wii U, nevermind having time for both Switch and 3ds.

  3. It should also be noted that not only does the XL version have a bigger screen, but it also holds a longer battery life than the regular size.

    I would definitely be all for this deal if it included the XL version, so I could get one to replace my old 3DS XL and my brother’s 2DS.
    $100 is just too good to pass up for something like this, and that Mario/Luigi themed template is just simply gorgeous.

  4. I’ll get it but only if they release the gba games for the 3DS like the ambassador program then it will be worth a upgrade.

  5. Well is it the time where I can moan because we don’t have the same deals in Europe??? Conversion and tax I guess it would be £90 for us… Moan moan moan we want the same deal in Europe why north America always have good deal. So unfair on Europe and we always has shit… Moan moan moan Nintendo really don’t like their.let customers in Europe and no wander PS4 or Xbox one are at the top of the charts… End of rant :-)

  6. I would like to get this, but I only have a gift card for Target, and I dont know if they’re going to be selling this or if I can even get my hands on one… this would be my first time shopping during black friday, but I dont even know when Target will open on black friday…

      1. Yeah idk, I only have the ds lite and never got a 3ds and I’m particularly interested in this, but I don’t know if I want to wait or even how long I would have to wait in line haha

        1. You’re in for a treat then. 3DS has a really good selection of games to choose from. If for some reason you can’t get this, there’s there option of the $79 2DS. Despite having “2D” in its name, it plays every 3DS game. Just without the stereoscopic 3D. Which is really not that big of a deal in my opinion. I barely used it to be honest.

  7. ugh, why didn’t I find this out sonner! i can’t find anymore since it’s sold out! May have to wait till next black friday!

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