Fun & Serious Will Present An Honorary Award To Yuji Naka The Lead Designer Of Sonic

The video-game festival known as Fun & Serious has revealed some of the key names that will visit Bilbao from 25 to 28 November.

This well-established video-game festival will return to Bilbao from 25 to 28 November with the United Kingdom as Guest Country.

The Fun & Serious Game Festival will culminate with the traditional Prize-Giving Gala at the Guggenheim Museum, featuring the participation of various international figures from the video-game world. These leading professionals will be attending in order to receive their Titanium Awards within different industry categories. This event has already hosted the presence of various key figures from the industry, creators of games that have become milestones in gaming history. Today the festival announced that the third and last Honorary Award this year will be presented to Yuji Naka, the lead programmer behind one of the most renowned, most popular and most charming games of all time, ‘Sonic’.

Sega’s blue hedgehog was created back in 1991 and has become one of the most famous and iconic video-game characters, starring in a saga that still continues today.

Naka will be the third and last figure to receive an Honorary Award, joining other key professionals such as Warren Spector (creator of ‘System Shock’) and Harvey Smith (creator of ‘Dishonored’).

Over a period of several days the Festival will stage a series of talks and roundtables, featuring many other leading names from the industry, such as Jonathan Morin (creator of ‘Watch Dogs 2’), Carlos Abril (creator of ‘PC Fútbol’) and Ignacio Pérez Dolset (founder of Ilion Studios and U-tad).

The Fun & Serious festival has become, edition after edition, an important meeting point for the industry, giving the importance it deserves to a sector that has invoiced 1,083 million euros in Spain during 2015, and which doesn’t stop growing year after year.

The award ceremony Gala will take place on 28th November in the Guggenheim, Bilbao and will be awarding prizes for the best games of the year by category, as well as to important international personalities who have elevated the gaming industry throughout their career.


  1. Hurrah. Even though the fanbase has turned pretty bad and Sonic has been through some rough times, he’s still one of my favorite video game characters. All hail the blue blur.

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