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Massive Pokémon GO Update Rumoured For December

Pokemon GO has been receiving a couple of little updates over the past few weeks, but it looks like a massive one might be coming in December. According to a report from VentureBeat, Niantic Labs is planning to release a huge update to their game by the end of the year. In addition to Ditto, the new version will reportedly add all 100 Johto Pokémon to the app too. Other new features include multiplayer battles and trading, two features heavily requested since launch. While this is only rumour, these are all additions that Niantic has promised in the past. Are you still playing Pokemon GO? Tell us below.

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  1. I hope they include more pokemon enconters in the places I go since it is not posible to find a good variety of pokemon. But the game is excellect so I recomend it and with the new things that would come soon it will make it more enjoyable.

  2. They still haven’t added 8 Pokémon from Gen 1 I doubt we’ll get Gen 2 before they release those.

    1. What 8 Pokémon from gen 1? Ditto is in the game now and the only gen 1’s that aren’t in the game right now are the Legendaries (Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Mewtwo, and Mew).

  3. My second brother just stopped playing due to the constant updating. Now his cell phone is out of storage room and apparently you can’t play on older version that aren’t updated. That’s pretty lame imo.

    1. Sadly, most games on any system have it to where you can’t use the save data on older versions of their games once that save data has been updated with the latest update. It’s not just Pokemon GO. I have this issue with WWE 2k17 on PS4. Once that save data is updated with the newest update, it can’t be used with the base game if I ever delete the update.

  4. Yes I still play everyday wasted a lot of gas driving around to finish getting my gardaros I started with 11 pieces of candy on Halloween it took me almost a month to get enough to evolve him

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  6. I stopped playing when i was spending more time watching pokemon break free 30 times and then run away more frequently then i was able to catch them.

    I wont play a game that makes me feel like i can catch everything easily then after level 20 i can barely catch anything and that includes using Ultra Balls with Perfect Throws.

  7. The speed limits killed it for me. I used to play during my commute downtown with my Go Plus, but it’s pretty well pointless now with the speed limits.

    1. yeah the speed limits block ruined my huge bridge that i drove over that had like 30 pokestops. I aint gonna walk a 10 story bridge just to get pokeballs
      not to mention the removal of my cemetaries.

    2. It’s called Pokestop. Poke STOP.
      STOP = Don’t Fucking Move.
      They should make the speed limit to 0km/h.

  8. I doubt people will be playing much in December here in the Chicagoland area- we tend to get very cold and snowy winters. I know I won’t be outside wandering around to catch Noctowl or Stantler or Skiploom.

  9. Why bother even updating if Niantic won’t even listen to criticism? Those guys are too ego driven.

  10. I am playing but getting bored catching same Pokemon and it takes too long level up I have one pokestop in my town no gym would be awesome if we did have more out here akin il and thompsonville il

  11. This is still a thing? (sigh) add battles and trading and ACTUALLY listen to people and maybe this APP not a game will survive the ages!

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