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Here’s The New Extended Trailer For Miitopia

Nintendo has released a new extended trailer for Miitopia, showcasing nearly eight minutes of gameplay footage. The trailer explores some of the things players will be able to do in the upcoming Mii-based role-playing title, such as traversing diverse landscapes, interacting with other characters and battling villainous threats. Miitopia is set to launch on December 8 in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

37 thoughts on “Here’s The New Extended Trailer For Miitopia”

      1. }{ Care for it… Not terribly… I just wish it had some sort of meat to it… so we could at least call it a game… even if it is a sad one… Not to mention this means that Nintendo is releasing a brand new one of these Mii games nobody cares for… }{

              1. Im still finding it hard to believe. Ill probably go during the weekend, and see for myself. Im afraid that you and skelly might be playing a joke though lol

  1. I want to play this type of simple game on my phone not my 3ds. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want Nintendo to ditch dedicated handhelds and go mobile and home console, but simple games just work better on mobile. Leave all the more complex games on your dedicated handhelds where i can have a better experience and better controls, and put your simple games that don’t need dedicated handheld elements, on mobile. There’s a bunch of simple 3ds games i would so play if they were on my phone. I don’t carry around my 3ds everywhere, i just don’t, but i do carry around my phone. Dedicated handhelds are great for games that require dedicated physical joystick and buttons and stuffs, but they’re just not convenient for games that are really simple. That’s why i like the idea of the Switch, full console experiences on the go, and at home. But when i want to play simple experiences, my iphone is the way to go.

    1. Slowly but surely, Paper Mario is becoming more mobile friendly by the year. It won’t be long til they fully simplify the RPG part of the franchise to fit mobile phones & BOOM!!! No more Paper Mario on consoles but phones instead. :/ So yeah. Simple games are definitely better for mobile so people like me don’t have to wade through bullshit to get to the REAL games on our home consoles & handhelds.

  2. Agree with Batman. This would make a great mobile game in a year or two. Move the bigger, A-project, 3DS games to Switch (along with the home console AAAs) and leave the smaller fare handheld titles for mobile. That sound like a solid business plan for Nintendo on out.

  3. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Irrelevant civilian weaponry, turn your attention to Quadraxis’ Stomping Menace at Universal…||

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