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Laura Dale Talks About What She’s Heard About Nintendo Switch Reveal Event

Reliable video game journalist Laura Dale recently participated in an Ask Me Anything on the Nintendo Switch SubReddit. Naturally people were intrigued about whether she had heard anythingย regarding the upcoming Nintendo Switch reveal event on January 12th. Here’s what she has learnedย from her trust worthy sources:

  • There are definitely surprises left for the Jan 12th event. There’s a lot of third party stuff not touched on, some hardware details, UI system level info and other info not yet spoiled.
  • There’s a pretty beefy presentation planned and, like some of Nintendo’s better directs, it’s going to be very info heavy.
  • Yep, stuff you’re not expecting. At least one unexpected new IP.
  • [Concerning Zelda] I really hope it’s launch, and the marketing seems to regularly suggest it’ll be launch, but I’m still hearing it’s going to miss launch. If I were just making educated guesses on public info I’d have said launch, but I keep on hearing it’ll miss launch. As a Zelda fan I am as disappointed by that as anyone.
  • [Concerning battery power and processing power] I initially heard 3 hours max battery, no clue if that’s full clock or “portable” clock speed. I’ve heard longer estimates since which would lead me to suspect 3 hours is if you play a game fully clocked but not connected to power, which is doable at the very least with dev kits.
  • I suspect we will see similar levels of graphical sacrifices as going from ultra to high to medium on PC. A little less of everything, but the same core experience.
  • I have heard about two third party exclusives, Rabbids RPG being one. I suspect 3 at least but that’s no guarantee they are good exclusives :P
  • Initial VC library is 100% going to disappoint folk in terms of raw volume of titles.
  • [Concerning Wii U ports] Everything I have heard is enhanced ports, to varying degrees. Mario KArt seems extensive. Smash seems minimal. Varying levels of addition.
  • [Concerning BGE2] I have heard a CGI teaser for BGE2 is in the works, less than a minute long (double sourced). No word if it’ll be ready for Jan. I suspect not Jan event but equally I don’t know when else a 1 min teaser being worked on now would be for. Can’t place any other events they would be prepping it for.
  • RE: Mother 3, I’ve heard that rumour just like Emily. It seems to be a project that continuously comes to me from reputable sources with a strong track record, but never materialises. I am genuinely fascinated by why I keep hearing it but it never happens. It’s the eternal phantom rumour.
  • [Concerning Monolith Soft’s new project]I have heard it’s something new, it’s not the Xenoblade X Switch port, and it’s in the same vain as Xenoblade and X in terms of combat style.
  • Don’t expect anything from Platinum in Jan.


Thanks Paidenthusiast for the news tip!


    1. Yes and it needs to start with all GC Mario party games!! You know, the ones they made before they ruined the franchise..Well, honestly 6 and 7 aren’t great either but 4 and 5 are 2 of my favorites :)

      1. N-Dub Nation you are a poser. Go ahead, insult me like you always do when someone tells you something. You can’t accept criticism.

    1. Stop copying me! It isn’t funny anymore.

      I am going to tell my babe Laura Dale to dox the shit out of you.

  1. I don’t even care about most of what nintendo produces these days. I’m just patiently waiting for a single drop of news about the next metroid game because, from what I’ve heard, the next one will likely be on the switch. However, Tanabe did say they don’t even have one planned for development…

    Jesus Christ just thinking about metroid makes me angry as hell considering all the shit they’ve done to the once glorious franchise. I JUST want a new game in the series and it’s been so bloody long! I’ve gotten so desperate that I’m even making my own game inspired by metroid to satisfy my desire for a new entry.

      1. FedshitForce… *shudders* If the Nick rumor about a Nintendo cartoon is true, let’s hope it’s not Metroid or we might be seeing more chibi bullshit infecting the franchise…

        1. They seem literally dead set on not letting metroid have a new game in the style that we want. But of course, as long as muh mawio nd muh zeldah then it’s awwwright (in the minds of fanboys). Also, thumbs up if you get the awwright reference!

          1. I want to say Quagmire. lol I always heard it as awwwllllllright, though.

        2. Yikes I didn’t even think of that. I hope the cartoon is good whatever it ends up being. I love the Super Mario cartoons from the 80s-early 90s, I wish they used the voice in those cartoons for the characters in the games haha. I’m sure I’m in the minority there though.

          1. It’s Nick. Have low expectations when they can’t get their own cash cows right.

            *Looks at Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents*

            Wort part is that the show will be animated by the same team that did the latter. Oi vey.

      1. The whole reason I’m making an original IP (but it plays just like metroid) instead of a fan game is precisely because of shit like AM2R getting immorally taken down by nintenDOH!

          1. Just because they have the legal right to do it doesn’t mean they should. Sega allows tons of fan games to do with sonic yet nintendo shuts down projects that take about a decade’s worth of work, all in the name of “protecting” their IP. Yeah, because a few fan games are really going to sabotage the sales of nintendo’s official games and it’s not like other companies let fan games be and are still financially sound /s

            And about the whole “they have to do this otherwise they lose the rights” again, look at sega and the millions of sonic fan games. yet sega is still making sonic mania and it’ll probably sell millions.

            1. I’m just happy Doc managed to release AM2R into the wild before Nintendo took it down, meaning all a person has to do is look for it hard enough.

      1. Yeah you don’t want to be a fan of metroid, f zero, earthbound, etc… because you’ll only get frustrated at the lack of news and games for your franchises. In fact, I recommend not playing any of the games even though I think they’re damn good. It’s better to save yourself the pain than to become a fan, get attached to the series, and are then constantly left disappointed when nintendo never makes another new installment and doesn’t seem to care in any way.

        I’d kill for another f zero with online multiplayer. Same for a metroid fusion sequel.

        1. With the Mother/Earthbound series, I’d suggest not going into the franchise expecting new games in the future since it was only ever meant as a trilogy. And if you don’t mind a fan translation, you don’t have to actually wait for a Mother 3.

        1. He’s assuming the worst with the Wii U production of Breath of the Wild and the worst would be that it was canceled.

  2. If Nintendo can’t get this system to run longer than 3 hours undocked, then I don’t see how this can even be taken outside. Hopefully you have the opportunity to charge it in the car or outside, but I do not want to have this shit connected to outlet like the Wii u gamepad was. The battery life was horrible

    1. Right? And to all those saying “Well anyone who thought it was a console first was fooling themselves,” well if it is a portable first (very stupid decision on nintendos part if it is) how is 3 hours gonna work for a portable device?

      1. I don’t know. How often do we really play that far away from a power source? The battery life doesn’t bother me, and chances are, you’ll be able to upgrade the battery anyway.

      1. If you’re pitching this system to me as a device where I can go outside with it, on the beach or park, play my friends head to head in games against them and their tablets, the. 3 hours doesn’t go far to me. Sometimes, people don’t want to stay stuck to their TV’s when it’s nice outside and still want to game with their friends. Sometimes commuting is really longer than 3 hours for some. And sometimes, you’re in the car and want to shut up your girl and she plays (Wii u gamepad couldn’t be charged unless you had outlets). 5 hours is decent, but 2 or 3 just says a low end battery will need to be replaced for a better one by us.

        I stand by this cause I think it’s true: the switch is one of the best ideas I’m a very very long time. Cartridges are even smarter. But battery life is a huge factor when you’re pictching a hybrid system that we clearly see will be replacing handhelds for Nintendo. And before people say it’s not, look at the evidence. iOS and Android are going to see Nintendo games and the switch is going to be the handheld to take your game anywhere. No need to keep a 4DS or some other new handheld device when the console will play stronger games just like a handheld.

    2. The WiiU gamepad battery sucked … Not sure if the NS battery life will be better. I’m predicting some sort of power bank offered or bundled at launch. Of course this will allow you to recharge the battery on the go and It should be compact. Even so, it may cause a bit of an uproar, as a powerbank adds luggage to the portability.

      The pic below is evidence of some sort of portable accessory.
      Nobody has pointed out this mystery plug btw… It’s not the headphone slot because that is on top.
      I circled the plug and blurred out the guys actual headphone wire.

    1. Wowowow…just because i said some compliments on her i must be in love with her?

      Ok, you got me, Laura is way hotter than my wife or any other woman i have ever seen.

  3. I don’t know what’s worse, the obvious attention whoring, or the orbiting cucks who blindly believe her bullshit.

    1. I wonder how long this persona of yours will last for. I still remember I’MABOSSASSBITCH and that Grunty role player since they were pretty funny. I hope mynintendonews comments sections can still be this hilarious in a few years time.

        1. Damn didn’t mean to post that! I was going to say that, if anyone’s curious, the reason I swear and use words like “Cancer trash” and “SHITTER STAR” is because I’m trying (and failing) to be funny.

          1. With lines like FedshitForce, I’m also trying, and failing, to be funny. Mainly because the fanboys flip out & bitch because I’m not “giving it a chance.” I don’t give trash a chance.

            1. Exactly. You don’t need to eat shit to know it’ll probably taste bad. And you don’t serve shit in a restaurant just because you happen to like the taste of it. Two metaphors in one!

              1. Yeah. If any of these fanboys ever ran a restaurant, it wouldn’t last long with their little mentality.

                1. Just imagine them trying to “counter” reviews of their restaurant!

                  “But how can you know my food is bad if you haven;t eaten it….even if it smells like garbage”

                  “It’s your fault for not tasting it right! Obviously the consumer should have to adapt to the
                  producer and not the other way around!”

                  “Guys don’t assume we’ll keep making shit even though we’ve been doing that for the past 420,000 times”

      1. I agree. Laura seems to set a high standard for herself. And if you pay attention, she’ll include how reliable a rumor is likely to be.

        For those crushing on her, I believe she is lesbian or transgender or something.

  4. I found some information leading into my theories on the Nintendo Switch development program. Recently we have had new news relating to the developers associated with the switch. If you’d like to see some of my theories and findings you can tune in here:

  5. 3 hours!? Good luck with that when you are playing Switch with your friends at the bloody beach or in the woods. Might as well have your friends come on over. lol

    1. And yes. I already expect VC to start out shitty. So if it ends up being the opposite, I’ll be happily surprised.

      1. What would be funny is if the make a paper mario 6 just like the last two but they also release paper mario ttyd and that last one does better than 6 in sales. Of course, this is assuming nintendo would be competent enough to implement GC VC.

    1. The piece of shit 4? This site is hilarious! I’m swearing and doing all I can to catch up to you guys (not really I think I’ll stop for a bit)!

    2. Yes because having great power, great graphics, a great universal account system, no region locking, portability, and having the awesomeness of Nintendo games is such a horrible idea! /s

      1. Nintendo has only made 2 systems with what people would call gimmicks, the wii and wii u, with wii remotes and the gamepad, but now the fanboys say, “If you want a system that just has lots of good graphics and no innovation, go play sony or microsoft cause nintendo has always done different.” No, in fact, Nintendo 64s big selling point was? Oh yea, that it had twice the bits or whatever that PS1 & Saturn had (64 instead of 32). Power has ALWAYS been a selling point. Not the only selling point, but it was always important to me and every gamer I’ve ever known in person. Obviously great games and gameplay are important, but have both all that is best. I’d MUCH rather have a really powerful home nintendo console system on par with the other systems as opposed to a weaker system that has portability, which is a feature that won’t get used by me much since I much prefer playing on a big screen tv.

        Anyway, yea my point is that fanboys saying that we should buy sony/microsoft/pc if we care about power are full of shit.

      2. pos4 is super mega overrated man, I feel for you if you think that’s a great system. the mini wanabe pc lol

        1. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Now run along back to Miiverse or wherever you came from.

  6. Why do people still give a fuck about Mother 3?

    A translation has been available for years. Anyone who cares about the game has already played it already.

    Why do people want an official localization? Just to feel good to have an official digital download on their device?

  7. At least Monolith Soft is working on something new. No way in hell I’m reclocking 300 hours into a lazy Xenoblade X port.

    Also, Mother 3 fanboys need to stop riding on its dick by now. It’s far from a masterpiece or the best Nintendo game ever. They are just as annoying as the Undertale fanboys.

    1. Do Mother fans steal songs and make more popular parodies of them (Stronger Than You)?

      Do Mother fans attack a backed character and artist because they do fetish art on Tumblr/DeviantArt?

      Do Mother fans send death threats to YouTubers for not playing the game they want them to do (like killing Toriel)?

      Did Mother fans intentionally have their game get rated as the Best Game of All Time over Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy 7, Super Smash Bros Melee, Mass Effect 3, and Half Life on a Gamefaqs poll?

      The Mother fans are nowhere close to being as annoying as the worst Undertale fans.

  8. My big concern is, will Nintendo supply to the demand with the Switch? Or will it be another amiibo/NES Classic Mini nightmare? With every console selling out instantly, and never getting restocked. And scalpers selling them for twice the price on ebay. Grrrrrrr!! I’m gonna have to preorder this ASAP, if I get a chance.

  9. Hopefully we’ll have a new fresh and DECENT Metroid game. Honestly getting tired of seeing only Mario and Zelda.
    How come a great series like Metroid get so ignored? Federation Force didn’t help at all. Come on Nintendo, a good Metroid game would be a 100% chance to buy the switch! For me, at least.

    1. Same. I REALLY hope we get something metroid on the switch. I’ve become so desperate at this point that I don’t care whether we get another 2D one or another prime game. I just want SOMETHING (and no federation force doesn’t count as it barely plays like a metroid game).

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