Super Mario Run Is No Longer The Highest Grossing App In Any Nation

New data has revealed that Super Mario Run is no longer the highest grossing app in any nation. It’s still the most downloaded iOS app in a total of 68 nations, but this is down from a peak of 138 on December 17. Super Mario Run is the first-ever mobile game featuring Mario, and it debut earlier this month as a timed exclusive on iOS devices.



  1. $9.99 was too much an asking price for too little a game. Now, $3.99, $4, or $5.99 would have been much more reasonable.

    1. This is why I kept telling my friends, why is Nintendo talking shit about how many downloads and not talking about sales? Cause anyone can download the game for free and play 3 levels. But is all those 55 million users going to pay that 10$ tag? I don’t think so. And 55 downloads are mostly double downloads, updates, and failed Downloads that need to down again. Nintendo loves to play with numbers.

      1. Updates, failed downloads, etc. do not count towards total downloads. These would be verified through Apple, and Apple doesn’t count failures and such as downloads. So while they do indeed discuss ol=nly the numbers in their favor, they aren’t inflating those numbers, they actually exist.

        1. Good to know, so that could make sense. But if what you’re saying is true (I believe it to be mainly) then anyone can just continue to create Apple accounts on one device and keep downloading and deleting it off their phone. Technically it’s not a redownload if it’s being removed from the account and that’s how Apple verifies the download, yeah?

          1. Apple downloads are verified and attached to your Apple ID. So it doesn’t matter if you download and delete and download again, (dont know why you would do that) it would still only count as one download. So literally 55 million Apple ID’s downloaded Mario Run.

          2. Can you explain how that technicality could possibly account for 55 million though my guy? Whose going to keep opening new apple accounts just so they can inflate Nintendo’s numbers bro? That doesnt make any sense brah…

            1. Not saying one sole person is going to do it. I believe it got a ton of downloads, but I also want to see sales and Nintendo isn’t showing this right now. I wonder why.

    2. no it isn’t you are all to fucking spoiled expecting a free to play game with micro transactions so Nintendo gives you a 10 dollar game with lots of content you do not accept it that is why Nintendo is doing this they are trying to change the cancerous free to play concept idiots anything less then 10 bucks devalues the Mario ip

    1. When the weather is warmer in all parts of the states, you’ll see a jump in pokémon go players again. Especially when Gen 2 releases in its entirety

      1. I’m pretty sure pokemon go is done and dead. It peaked, and will continue to decline. Even my most dedicated friends stopped playing months ago and I live in south florida, where cold weather isn’t a thing.

        1. I agree a little, only because the game is boring now that you have most of the 150 pokémon. With another group of pokémon (gen 2), it does change things up again.

            1. And how much in depth are those games? Oh, yeah, I forgot they pretty much have actual content and are not a port of an almost 10 year old game on rails. Dudes trying to sell New Super Mario Bros one handed. Plan and simple dude. They said, let’s sell Mario on iOS. Fans will buy it cause it’s Mario.

            2. I think tracking was a good step in the right direction, but they don’t even have fucking legendary pokémon. We all that’s just a stupid completely. No Mewtwo or Mew; some are region locked to different countries… Stuff like this just turned me and some others away. If they can fix this, maybe we might see an increase. It also would help if the weather in the whole USA is warmer.

    1. no it isn’t you are all to fucking spoiled expecting a free to play game with micro transactions so Nintendo gives you a 10 dollar game with lots of content you do not accept it that is why Nintendo is doing this they are trying to change the cancerous free to play concept idiots anything less then 10 bucks devalues the Mario ip

      1. I gotta agree with jaemyz.
        Take a god damn chill-pill!

        Casual gamers either want it free or they want it a bit cheap.
        Most mobile users don’t wanna spend a lot of money.

        If it came out and was somewhere between 3 and 6 dollars, and did not have that forced online bullshit, it would be doing a lot better.

        I don’t blame them, personally i would have never bothered to download the damn thing in the first place.

        1. “I won’t pay $10 for a single game but I will pay $100’s in microtransactions which in reality is a failed logic and I’m spoiled and entitled” sorry dude but you are wrong, people won’t pay a certain amount that is worth said amount but will pay for something that isn’t worth said amount, they won’t pay $10 for Mario Run but they will pay $300 for garbage headphones aka Beats.

      2. A game where you just touch the screen to make mario jump, devalues mario. $10 isn’t breaking anyones wallets, but at the same time, most mobile gamers aren’t gonna pay that when they are used to paying less. Mobile games are just games to pass the time on a quick bus ride, that’s why they are cheap, and really amazing. It’s not what those gamers are looking for. They just want a quick fun experience at a cheap cost. If they wanted something amazing, they’d be playing on a console/pc. Also, fuck off you reject. You’re probably way too young to even be the shining nintendo knight you think you are.

  2. Why they didnt port this to wii u is beyond me. They need to learn how to reach the consumers who will really buy their game, they would’ve made much more money on wii u instead of a phone because we are loyal and we pay even $30 for mario run on wii u.

    1. Mario Run was made for phones… the reason why it is only on button is because that works really well for phone the design decisions only work on phones

      1. No, i am helping Nintendo. If you support Nintendo then you would buy their mobile games at any price. Since they want to grab mobile people, they need to port all mobile games to consoles or even replace main games if thats what gets people yo play Nintendo. I want Nintendo to do good so they better make many mobile games for NX so Nintendo gets the world playing NX!

        1. Mobile trash needs to stay on mobile. It’s bad enough Wii & Wii U have a lot of shovelware in their library & taking attention away from better, real video games.

          1. Mobile is the future, it is already the past when you talk about detailed games you sit and play for a long time. If they look good visually and gives u the laughs, its all worth it right?

        2. We DON’T need a repeat of that bullshit on Switch.

  3. Nintendo should of never made it exclusive to ios ans should of released it on android aswell the momentum will run dry by the time it hits android

    1. Android is far more easily pirated. They’ll make back as much money as they can on iOS first and then release it on Android after they’ve made the money back.

  4. It’s still #6 here in the US which I don’t think is bad at all. Pokémon GO jumped to #2 from #5 as well.

  5. Getting a tablet from jhonlewis on new years eve from John lewis this
    year to play Mario run and pay £10 for the full game from nintendo.

  6. Supermario run needs a sequal for smart phone I would pay £30 for a smartphone game like I do for consoles

  7. Nintendo needs to make a sequal to supermariorun like they did with supermario3dland and supermariogalaxy

  8. Supermario run is a great game like supermario bros 2 and new supermario bros U it has the value of a home console game like the wiiu and 3ds and D’s version of new supermario bros for nintendo ds

  9. I think it comes down to the idea of freedom of choice. I can pay $10 and yeah, I would have fun and be entertained, but why would I pay that much when I can download thousands of other games for free, but watch an ad every once in a while. I think Nintendo thinks they can do no wrong and everyone will pay whatever they ask. But $10 is $10 and the concept of a runner can be found all over the app store.

  10. of course it isnt the top grossing app cause it doesnt rely on micro-transactions like all other mobile “games”. like mobile strike and some other exact copy of games.
    and i dont still understand why people think 9.99 is too much, i’d rather pay once and keep playing the game instead of paying regularly for everything in the game.

  11. With the price cap & no microtransactions, this was bound to happen sooner or later… Even if millions of people WERE paying 10 bucks for the whole thing.

    1. In fact, unless Ninty adds microtransactions or DLC, this game will eventually be one of the lowest grossing apps on mobile devices.

  12. Personally i love being able to pay 10$ for a full game, rather than having to watch ads every 5 seconds for a junky game, or have to pay money for diamonds just to make the game balanced. Lots of free to play games are SO unbalanced without paying for microtransactions. Its like “the next level costs 1000 in game dollars, but you only get 2-10 in game dollars per 3minute level. So you could take 5 hours to unlock the next level or you could pay 2.99$ and get it now! But oh wait, the next level after that takes 2000 in game dollars and you still only earn 2-10$ per level, so now you have to take 10hrs or pay 5.99$ and so on, and so forth, until you’ve payed 100$ in microtansactions for a semi fun mobile game!” No thankyou, I’ll just pay 10$ for a complete, very addictive and well crafted Mario game on my phone!

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