Amazon Has A Huge Digital Sale That Is Happening On December 30th

If you have any leftover money to spend on, there’s an opportunity to do so on December 30th. Amazon is doing its Amazon Digital Day sale, where loads of products, including video games, will be available at significant discounts. Hundreds of video games, in fact, will be on sale by as much as 80% off. It’s likely that Nintendo products will be among them, so be prepared for a lot of discounts in the next 24 hours. The sale will only last 24 hours, so if you want to buy anything, you’d better do it quickly.



  1. -Shovel Knight?
    -Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympic Games?
    -Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2?
    -Project X-Zone 2?
    -Ultra Smash? (Yes, I know, but the game can’t be unplayable)
    -Kid Icarus: Uprising (even though I refused to get the game out of effugy against Sakurai)
    -Amiibo figures?
    -Lego Dimensions Starter Pack for Wii U? (just for Sonic)

    They can keep:
    -Super Mario Maker
    -Amiibo Festival
    -Any Sonic Boom Title
    for all I care.

    1. Not during this sale. Maybe not at all. If history is any indication, preorders will go up for about 4 seconds on Amazon during or shortly after the Direct in January and that will be it.

  2. Is there a direct link to this apparent sale? I went to the main page, and didn’t see anything. I was hoping to see a Nintendo list…

  3. Thanks for the site. I didn’t see anything for me, so, instead, I bought (and currently downloading) “The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword” off the Eshop. I’m on this whole get every game available (again) to 100% complete (again) kick. I know I need a WM+ to play it (which I don’t have), but I went and got the game anyways while working on 2 files on 2 seperate Zelda games (TP HD and WW HD); a Hero Mode file for me, and a casual experience file for my son and I together. Hoping for LoZ BOTW next year.

  4. Why would anyone have thought Nintendo would have anything on sale on Amazon… Bad MyNintendoNews, BAD. I’m starting to realize this is the absolute worst place to come to learn anything…

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