Nintendo Switch

Hyperkin Accessories For Nintendo Switch Unveiled At CES 17

Ahead of the official Switch reveal next week – Hyperkin, a third-party provider of gaming accessories for consoles old and new has recently lifted the hood on what products they’ll be manufacturing for the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch console.

A total of 6 accessories will be on offer for consumers wanting to protect the console along with cables to help with charging. The full list of products are: A 5 ft. USB Type-C charging cable, a USB-C AC adapter with a 4 ft. cable, a car charger adapter for the console that has a lengthy 5 ft. cable. They also went on to announce a screen protector, hard shell carrying case and a travel bag that ensures the console is kept intact when out and about.

Whilst it’s still a close guarded secret as to what Nintendo plans to bundle with the console when the Switch launches March this year, it’s great to see support from accessory makers early on.

Will you be purchasing accessories before launch or will you wait until you see what comes in the box? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. USB-C 💕
    From now on I can charge all my stuff with just one cable. And when one isn’t long enough I can just choose any one I want! Not even any need to get a new one! Thank God they’re getting rid of the dedicated charging ports. Such a waste of anything basically. It’s only there to sell more of their own chargers and thus getting more money out of that. But that’s finally a thing of the past!

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