1-UP Studio has confirmed that it is planning to go to the Nintendo Switch presentation next week. Whether it has any new games in development for the upcoming console remains to be seen, but it will be among the developers in attendance. Formerly known as Brownie Brown, 1-UP Studio is known for its work on the classic Game Boy Advance title Mother 3, which launched exclusively in Japan back in 2006. The game is rumored to be heading to Nintendo Switch later this year. The Nintendo Switch presentation will be aired live on Thursday, January 12, at 8 p.m. PT.




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        Secondly… since when is weed considered “un-Christian”? You’re pulling that out of your ass.

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      • You couldn’t have brought this up on the previous article’s comments where it was relevant? I’m not a fan of skelly’s opinion on homosexuals & transgenders, either, but other than that, I get along fine with the guy and it’s ultimately his issue. Besides, the only thing that will change his mind is God Himself slapping him in the face with a gay or transgender person when he gets to Heaven, showing they are up in Heaven, too. lol


    • And no getting your hopes up either, guys. These devs sadly do do other projects besides just the Mother trilogy.


  1. I’d have to guess MOTHER 3 really was on it’s way to Wii U when they said “hey wait let’s just save this for NX so we can build even more hype.” All the rumors and that E3 video can’t be wrong…


  2. Plot twist: Mother 3 will be available on Switch’s VC at launch but you’ll have to use the Japanese version of the Nintendo eShop to even get the game as the Switch is region free & the eShop gives us access to each country’s version of the eShop. So if you were hoping for an English sub, don’t hold your breathe unless the Japanese version came with English subtitles upon it’s original release in Japan.


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