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Laura Dale: Mother 3 Nintendo Switch Virtual Console Release Coming In Second Quarter

Reliable and informative video game journalist Laura Kate Dale has revealed yet another nugget of information on Twitter. She says that the long-awaited Mother 3 Virtual Console release will actually be on the Nintendo Switch rather than the previously rumoured Wii U. The game will come to the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console during the second quarter of the year and will be one of the announcements at the January 12 event.

28 thoughts on “Laura Dale: Mother 3 Nintendo Switch Virtual Console Release Coming In Second Quarter”

    1. Though if this was going to be announced at the switch event I’ll be disappointed it leaked. It would have truly taken me by surprise.

  1. 1. Literally who?
    2. is this yet another rumor by some random journalist/tweeter dunce who grips on the obvious
    3. “Reliable and informative” like the last “insider” reported here? (emily rogers)

    please fill me on this Laura Dale so i can see how reliable she is compared to confirmed industry insiders Serkan Toto and Takahash Mochizuki, and not to poor frauds like Tamaki and Emily Rogers.

    and sorry that i sound touchy, i’m getting sick of people falling for the that is fantasy Nintenrumors; Cooperate with me.

    1. she correctly predicted the day of the switch announcement/ reveal and what was in the trailer and how long it was. and she claims she knew what the neme was before it was annouced but never said what it was because she didnt want to go off of what one person said ( she goes off of what at least 2 sources say, so she does just drop every thing she hears

  2. Laura is an incredibly reliable leaker, she hasn’t been wrong once since the Switch was revealed and she gave info on all of the Switch details and trailer release date beforehand. Emily was the one who said Zelda was being delayed, Laura actually came out a few days ago saying that everything she’s been hearing says that Zelda is releasing in March. You’d have to be pretty stubborn not to consider her reputable at this point.

    1. That fact that anyone believes her mario rabbids rumor is pretty laughable. If she said it was mario luigi teaming up with rayman to fight then, they that’d at least be a tad bit more believable.

  3. Where do these journalists get their information? And don’t those people have nondisclosure forms that they signed? Personally I am getting tired of all the leaks, I like being surprised! (And yet here I am, reading these leaks)

  4. Just what we needed, more fucking Mother 3 rumors….

    Might as well be paid to buy a Gamecube for ever dollar I’ve get for these.

  5. Liam Robertson is saying on Twitter that the 3D Mario title is already finished so it looks it looks like there will be a real 3D Mario title and an open world Zelda title available at launch and that’s gonna be huge. WOOOOOOOO….we are 10 days from finding out more and I can’t wait….it’s gonna be exciting

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    1. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!)

      If they are, hopefully we don’t have to contend with “pay 2 bucks to get this upgraded to Switch” bullshit like with Wii to Wii U crap.

  7. As a huge fan of the mother games I want this to be true more then anything. I have waited nintendo. Please deliver, so many rpg fans need to play this. It being on the switch, my god, I am loosing my desire to own any other gaming console. Actually I lost my fath in them through this generation since all they do now is play movies….. and TV shows……..

  8. Reliable and informative video game journalist Laura Kate Dale has revealed yet another nugget of information on Twitter……..

    LOL!!!! Now that is some quality reporting/trolling all rolled up into one!

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