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Laura Dale: Zelda Breath Of Wild Will Be Nintendo Switch Launch Game At Least In US

Blogger and journalist Laura Kate Dale has been on fire with Nintendo Switch rumours and today has been no different. She has said on Twitter that she is one hundred percent confident that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be on the Nintendo Switch at launch in North America as she’s been privy to Nintendo of America marketing material. Hopefully The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will also be a Switch launch title in Europe. We shall find out everything on January 12th.


    1. Obviously she doesn’t know for sure because she didn’t say anything about it. If she knew she would have mentioned it.

        1. because Nintendo does not give a shit about us since the snes area. Hence why we did not get some game (chrono trigger, final fantasy series, captain tsubasa and so on), why we received games 2 or 3 months after been release in US or even a year after been release in Japan. This also explain why in Europe we tend to hack the console the most.

          From Nintendo point of view we are important but not important as Japan and USA. Also Europe is multi-language now and it difficult for them to have a game release in some part of Europe and not other. Saying that during the Snes area all the game were in English and there were not reason for delay.

  1. This a makes all my dreams come true! I didn’t want to be stuck playing just a game that’s all about my brother when the switch comes out.

  2. Yay!! It will probably still be delayed in Europe tho, since all her NOE sources have been saying so, but NOA sources and materials having been saying otherwise. Probably because it will hit launch in the US but not in the UK. Unfortunate for those who are in UK, but personally i live in, MURICA!! LAND OF FREEDOM!! AND GETTING VIDEO GAMES FIRST!! …sorry…

    1. Just think about this bro….if the rumors are true the Switch is gonna have the biggest launch lineup in gaming history. A new 3D Mario title and an open world Zelda title both at launch with a console version of Pokémon being a launch window title?….MAAAANNNNN…..I guarantee you the Switch won’t stay on store shelves. I live in the US too (but of course you know that lol) and I can understand why Nintendo wants to branch out to their North American audience first with Zelda and Mario and that’s because the Zelda franchise along with the Mario franchise sells best in North America. 10 days away my bro and I am pumped

      1. Stop supporting Laura Dale, as a fan you should know that his leaks are causing more harm than helping the company, please stop.

          1. First of all i am not being disrespectful, i am treating him as a human being and not like an alien, animal or object, also i never used rough words towards Laura. But if you think i am being rude then good for you.

            Leaking stuff and threatening Nintendo because of that “black list” is not being disrespectful, right?

            Just look how those leaks affect Nintendo, most people and shareholders don’t find stuff interesting or surprising because of it, the only one who wins here is laura because his beta orbiters will throw money to his patreon, we as gamers (no matter which company we like) should not support those leaks.

            1. Laura kate Dale is female not male. I honestly wasn’t taking leaks into consideration when I called you disrespectful.

              If someone misgendered you how would you feel. That alone was a insults enough. Please don’t think that I am attacking you but some people count that little slip up as being transphobic.

              In all honesty I don’t know if Laura was at one point a male but if they gender themselves as a her then they are female.

              1. Laura is tranny, i do not know about the sexual preferences of laura and i do not mind, i am not transphobic but no matter what laura is still a man and you are right that i sounded like a transphobic

        1. exactly. he just wants attention. just wait 10 days people, and hear all the details from the horse mouth.

    2. Well Japan gets games first most of the time but when we ‘Muricans get it first we are ‘America, f*ck yeah, coming so save the motherf*cking day’.

      1. I was leaving America out of it because I don’t think there’s any way in hell its not coming to Japan at the same time, or before America. If it does come out later in Japan i will be EXTREMELY shocked.

        1. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!) says:

          Actually, Skyward Sword came to America a few days before Japan got it. And Europe got it a few days before America. I knew it hit America first but I didn’t know it hit Europe before anyone else. It’s just by a few days but the point is we could get it before Japan. @.@

          1. That’s weird… yeah we might get it before Japan, but i imagine they want to do a simultaneous worldwide release to coincide with the Switch release date. Hard to say really.

  3. She’s so reliable that she contradicted herself. I thought that she was always 100% right. A 2.0 Emily Rogers that knows more than anyone else, including Nintendo, even going as far to announce things before Nintendo just because they feel they have the right to do so.
    Reliable to me is when websites such as Eurogamer, Giant Bomb or even IGN release this kind of info, even though i never believe these sources until Nintendo itself gives the last word.
    Lauras, Emilys, Neogafs and Reddit attention-whores can spread this “rumours” as much as they want. Even If they’re right, which is rare, i still don’t believe them.

    Let Nintendo do their shit and announce this game when it’s ready. That’s why i’ll wait until Jan 12th. Hell, i can wait the whole year. As long as this game is released, i’m fine with that. I can wait.

  4. Also, funny how she “corrects” herself saying now that the game will be release soon, just the same day as we saw CoroCoro stating the same thing…coincidence? Of course not. Obviously the magazine stole info of her, so they need to apologize the Goddess Dale-Knows-All.

    1. And so does Mario. If BOTW and Super Mario Switch are indeed launch titles for the Switch expect for that thing not to last long on store shelves……at least in North America

      1. Those two games will not be enough to expand the userbase, which in turn pulls in 3rd party support, but Nintendo fans will be happy for sure!

  5. Dawac mi ta gierke i to migiem,a najgorsze ze na kolejna Zelde trzeba bedzie czekac kolejnych 10 lat.

  6. wasnt planning on buying the switch on launch but man… if this is true and BOTW is launch title then im defenetly buying the console asap.

  7. I’m interested in how this game compares on the Wii U and on the Switch. It will likely determine whether or not I get the Switch console at launch.

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