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UK Retailer Argos Lists Nintendo Switch For £299.99

Could the U.K retailer Argos have given away the final Nintendo Switch price? Probably not, but £299.99 does seem a fair estimate. While they have said this is the currently planned price, they have emphasised the possibility that it might change. However, this might be a good reference point for the console‘s final price, Argos presumably being vaguely aware of how much the thing is going to cost. What do you think of this price? Tell us below.


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99 thoughts on “UK Retailer Argos Lists Nintendo Switch For £299.99”

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                                                                1. I took that picture and posted it on Reddit today at Argos, Arndale, Manchester, UK, the price here should probably not taken as gospel, I think at best this is a finger in the air price placed as a place holder.

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                                                                3. I’m going by what laura kate dale and Emily Rogers said, it’s 249.99 US, so what ever that translates to other countries.
                                                                  It’s around 300 in canada’s currency last i heard.
                                                                  I’m gonna wait until the 12th to really see the pricing.
                                                                  I seriously doubt it would sell too well for more than 250$.

                                                                                    1. I hope it is a great price like everyone else, but honestly, in the case of the Switch, more expensive is better. We need this thing to have some competitive hardware, so a higher price tag would be a good sign Nintendo didn’t skimp. Remember, unlike other gaming companies, Nintendo doesn’t sell their consoles at a loss, which means if they are making money at $250, then the hardware is a bit cheaper. We’ll soon see!

                                                                                    2. That sounds like a realistic guess to me. I live in the UK, and I would be very surprised if, knowing Nintendo, that they try to charge more than this for their new console. I have never known any Nintendo console to exceed this in all the years that I’ve supported their work.

                                                                                      This is what I paid for some of their other consoles:
                                                                                      Gamecube: £130
                                                                                      Wii: £180
                                                                                      Wii U: £300
                                                                                      3DS: £229
                                                                                      New 3DS: £200

                                                                                      That’s all I can remember. Do these price sound realistic to you as well?

                                                                                    3. Current conversion as of today would put it at $367.00. According to previous Nintendo reports, they stated that it wouldn’t be more than the Wii U was. The deluxe was $349.99 and the Basic was $299.99. It will fly off the shelves at $299.99 and sell alright at $349.99 but anything more will be a huge problem for Nintendo.

                                                                                    4. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!)

                                                                                      3rd party support, high definition games, portability, power that rivals PS4 if not PS4 Pro, a universal account system with cross buy, cross save, cloud storage. If all of these things are true, there is no way Switch is gonna be less than 300 because anything less & Nintendo is selling this thing at a loss which is what they said they WOULDN’T be doing. You can’t have everything and it be cheap at the same time. Not this time.

                                                                                    5. well know we know that the launch price will be £279.99 and likely to go down to £249.99 after a while. If Sony and microsoft decide to go down price wise then I think it would be a difficult for Nintendo to sell it. Also I say price down but give the fact that UK living the EU everything will go up (well it already have).

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