This Super Retro Boy Plays All Game Boy Games

There has been some wonderful innovations at this years CES trade show and one of them is this nifty Super Retro Boy. The product, which is being developed by Retro-Bit, allows you to play Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, and Game Boy Advance games. The Super Retro Boy is reasonably priced at $79.99 and will be available for purchase this year.

The handy device has a beautiful TFT high-resolution LCD screen, a 2,500mAh battery which provides you with up to ten hours battery life, and a stylish contemporary design. You can take a look at the product, below.




    1. I think it’s a convenient way to play games you already own, or want to purchase from vintage stock, etc., allowing you to play official cartridges. If it was just another freebie rom thing I doubt it’d be allowed to be produced.

    1. Amen to that, I’ve had enough rumours to last a fucking lifetime we want “FACT” not speculation and theory!

                    1. i’m not an upgrade nut, PLus i’m not a big fan of buying every single gen of consoles I’m a retro gamer at heart gba, snes, nes things like that.

                    2. yep, fraid so Don’t get me wrong the switch is a nice piece of hardware but not my thing
                      and with the terrible battery life it put me off and what with me being in uni and my budget is not flexible with course fees and the like i wont be getting one
                      plus my room mate has a pre-order for one so i may play his with him not sure yet

                    3. Yeah I see but I’m also disappointed with the price and the online service that everyone has to pay to go online. Its just that Nintendo was trying to do something different. I see that your not getting one for your budget.

                    4. I’d go into more in depth reasoning’s but i upset alot of upgrade addicts by saying that so to avoid making more of them butthurt i’m keeping to the none butthurt version.

                    5. plus I love devs that pay homage to the retro era all my ff advances and fire emblems and my golden sun games will be played again this next three years in uni will be a blast.

    1. i don’t think it would be emulators. it’s possible but it may be something they did themselves. or learned from watching somebody else.

          1. i do have the tiny screwdriver only problem is that i am gonna have to wait till next payday which is on the 12, where i work payday is every two weeks on a thursday, where do i work? walmart as a cart associate aka cart pusher. and yes im the ‘anon’ that replied to @RidleySlayer, i was using my phone which for some reason i cannot log in so i have to post as ‘anon’.

    1. Yep, I have four of these in different colors. The only thing the retro boy might have over the gba is the bigger and better looking screen.

  1. Oh dear … I just found out that they put the GBA L/R buttons as *face buttons* underneath the A & B buttons!!!

    Metroid Fusion used the R button sort of as a ‘shift’ button that fires missiles instead of your beam! Won’t this change the dynamics of that game?!? Why couldn’t they have made recessed buttons in the back of the unit??

  2. Looking at the shape of the screen I’d assume this can be used as a portable SGB, that’s about it’s only redeeming factor though, no shoulder buttons, no info across multiple sites on connectivity. will it have a gba link port or wireless?, does it have an infra red sensor?

    Unless someone has a bunch of SGB compatible games they’d like to play in SGB mode on the go (assuming this does that) I don’t see any reason to get this over a refurbished GBA which is like $20 and has a much better design.

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