Reggie Reconfirms There’s No More First Party Titles Coming To Wii U After Zelda

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has reconfirmed what we already know and that’s that there are no more first party titles coming to the Wii U after The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Despite the Nintendo 3DS still flourishing, Nintendo has basically pulled the plug on the Wii U and are concentrating their efforts on the Switch.

“From a first-party standpoint, there’s no new development coming after the launch of the legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” he said. “We really are at the end of life for Wii U.”

“From our standpoint, sunsetting is quite some time into the future. The ongoing activity from an online standpoint on [Mario] Kart and Splatoon is significant. We’re going to continue to support that.”



    1. I’m pretty sure that they said they will continue to support the Wii U just a few months ago. So that was a lie and they didn’t have anything planned for the Wii U back then.

  1. Not exactly Switch won’t replace WiiU and they’ll live together side by side. Now it’s bye bye WiiU, but first let’s get through our leftover inventory.

    1. If they were going through their leftover inventory, they wouldn’t of taken down the “Buy” page for Wii U, as well as it’s official listings on almost every retailer’s website (Even Amazon only has refurbs and inflated-price 3rd parties).

      They’ve outright killed it. No new consoles save for whats left in some dingy WalMart in the middle of nowhere. No new games, safe for a swan song that was originally supposed to be an exclusive. Miiverse is probably only going to stick around for the 3DS’ ever-nearing-death lifespan. Wii U games themselves are not even backwards compatible with Switch, so once they axe WiiU’s services (probably in a few years) even the games will be lost for good.

      Nintendo isn’t just axing the Wii U, they’re burning it. They’re practically trying to remove any trace of it.

      Even GameCube had a more graceful exit.

  2. Well at least the online servers are still being kept up with. It cost money to keep those things running, and with how bad the Wii U sold its nice to see Nintendo not just abandoning Wii U owners. Personally tho I really liked my Wii U, and i was gonna keep it and get the Switch a little later, but then I watched the Switch livestream and 7hrs later i was in line at GameStop trading in my Wii U for a Switch. Lol.

    1. Well Batman, I’m not sure that was a good idea, but it sounds like you’re committed. I’m going with your “Plan A.” Keeping my WiiU and getting Switch later. … much later.

      1. Mostly i got it for Zelda, I’m a die hard Zelda fan and i gladly would pay 360$ for a new console and Zelda just to get the best version. I’ve been waiting 5 yrs for this game, i’m getting the best version! That and every game i wanted to keep playing on the Wii U is getting a sequel or an enhanced port on the Switch so why keep my Wii U?

        1. I have no rebuttal to that. It sounds like you are fully aware of what decision you made, and are happy with that decision. I have no doubt whatsoever that you will have a blast with Switch. :)

          1. Yeah and I’m equally sure you’ll love the Wii U version. Hey as long as your playing BOTW I don’t care what version. Personally i just wanted the better one. But if the Wii U had gotten it first, I definitely would have bought it on Wii U and done a second play through on Switch.

        2. You do know that Nintendo fucked up the WiiU version of the game, removing a lot of great WiiU gamepad functionality to accommodate switch, right?
          I just found out. Fuck switch for fucking up my Zelda game to push New hardware.
          Goddamned Nintendo. I’m stepping away.

            1. WindWaker had pretty good gamepad functionality. Not just the map which was very important, but items too. I could only imagine what functionality the Wii u gamepad had. Probably more than just a map though. I would be pissed if i was getting the Wii U version only…

              1. Yeah the item switching was cool, but i never used exept when nothing was going on because you had to look away from the screen so why not just pause? They also have quick item Switching in this game so its unnecessary. The constant map was also only really helpful if you were on the great sea going completely straight, and wouldn’t be as helpful in this game. Definitely the additions to the Switch version outweigh what dual screens may have added.

        3. Yea, this is me too. Im getting it for Zelda and when Mario releases I will already have the system and just need to buy the game. However i dont blame everyone for waiting. But actually the more I try and forget about that horrible presentation the more hype I start to gain back for the Switch… Its all about software anyways, and they are bringing potentially the greatest Zelda game of all time. And also a genuine Mario 64 successor… Yea they fucked up alot of things, but they got two of the most important things right. Two things I have been asking for for ten years. An open world Zelda and a Mario 64 successor. In the same year. 2018 will be the most important year for the Switch. So many good titles could come like, Luigis Mansion 4, Pikmin 4, Metroid, MH5, Switch Pokemon, etc. etc. There is still hope..

          1. I definitely agree, its software that matters and Nintendo is bringing that software! I think i counted 23 games i was interested in purchasing this uear alone, many of them game of the year caliber titles! I also think that the hardware of the NINTENDO Switch is very good as well, inlove the joycons the pro controller is amazing, and the screen ion the Switch is vey sharp. Over all I’m very happy with what the Switch is and can’t wait for March 3rd.

          2. I wouldn’t be surprised if even more games are announced at E3 this year. Pikmin 4 was already confirmed to be almost done last year, so i could see it being a fall title, or early spring 2018. And smash is a no brainer. Interested what else they have under their sleeves, but I’m already very happy with what they’ve shown!

  3. I wouldn’t say the 3DS is exactly flourishing. The games still coming to it are rather small especially when it’s biggest further exclusive is a remake of an NES game.

    It’s clear that all of their major focus is on the Switch.

    1. We will see! The N3DS seems to be getting a lot of attention this year.
      And Mike, their future focus better damn well be on switch, because if they are JUST starting development, we seriously have a WiiU drought coming, and it will suck. Especially for people like Batman.

        1. I can play Zelda and Mario Kart. So there is Splatoon2, and Mario this year. Plus a bunch of games that may or may not be fun, or a few more ports that other systems already have. I get that if you are a Mario and Splatoon fan, there’s some reason to be excited, plus you get Zelda U remastered, that’s cool too. But Fire Emblem is going to be out on mobile and 3DS. I’m not seeing a movie to switch, I’m seeing them giving switch a few games the rest of us get to play already.
          Or maybe we will need to agree to disagree here. And it depends on the install base. Even if that explodes, which is doubtful, but let’s say it pulls a 3DS and does go viral, then companies have to begin porting and developing. Those games are not coming overnight.

          Switch badly needs some good news and 3rd party support. Continuing support. And Switch users should also hope that there are many, unannounced games from 3rd parties, not just the, “We’re going to wait and see if people buy it” response.

          If any developers have any games in development, now would be a good time to say something before Switch hype dies out. Nintendo played their hand. Zelda U upgrade, Splatoon Sequel, and Mario. This will ONLY bring back ultra hardcore Nintendo fans as many of us are really sick of Mario and just didn’t find Splatoon to be our style. There is nothing original, or exclusive, or an experience that gamers want that they can’t get without spending $300. At least right now, that I can see.

          1. My whole year of switch is planned already. Zelda, mk8 deluxe, arms, splatoon 2′ fifa and nba 2k 18, fire emblem warriors, mario odyssey, and possible xenoblade 2.

            That is not including any other games I have interest in. Switch was an easy decision for me. I have no complaints. I see you do and that’s good too. It shows what you need to jump in. It have what I need to.

            1. If you think Xenoblade2 will release this year, I think you’re being overly optimistic. Fuck Nintendo’s info graphic. They said this year for Japan. It wasn’t til shit started hitting the fan they tried to slug X2 into this year’s games. Maybe they will haul ass, but I sincerely doubt it. And for me, it’s irrelevant. I live Xenoblade. If it comes out this year, great. If not, great, I’ll get it next year with my Discounted switch. (Assuming I still want one at that point.)

              Right now, I’m very disenchanted with Nintendo, beyond being Jaded…now that they are stopping to new lows, fucking with Zelda U to sell hardware, IDK where I’ll stand with gaming Next Year.

              If I have kids, they can play my old Nintendo consoles. I have every single one. I’ll set them up a Nintendo room that represents what they used to be.

              1. I hope peace for you. I’m serious. No company will make me that way. I’m not invested that much in any company. If I get invested in any company that way then I’ll just step back and do something else. Companies change. Atari, Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Microsoft, Konami, Capcom, and etc. all change. You have changed in your life knowingly or not. I hope you find the balance where you just enjoy what you do and not let what you do be all that you do.

                1. I know I bitch a lot here, but (and there is no way you could know this, only reading my posts) I’m actually very happy with Life in general. I’m very fortunate and don’t take it for granted. Thank you for what you said though, that’s very thoughtful of you and of course I hope the same for you, (and most people honestly!)

                  This whole ranting on Nintendo is really a 1St world problem, and it sucks, mostly because I grew up with Nintendo. And I hate seeing such a fun part of my childhood kinda smeared , but such is life, and I’m very happy with mine right now. :) It would have been nice if Nintendo would stop fucking around, and if they want to, fine, but they should have left my ZeldaU the fuck alone. :)

          2. Xenoblade 2 is this year as well and an exclusive Fire Emblem is next year. They’re moving on.

            I agree on third party support.

            1. At this moment in time, I would like to know what 3rd parties could announced at this point in the year that’s not an old release game. For honor, south park, and RDR2. Third parties haven’t announced anything new for the year yet. ME: Andromeda isn’t coming so what else is there if I’m missing anything. No new cod, battlefront, other star wars game, asscreed, or any other popular new game has been announced yet. So all I can do is wait for them to announce first and then see where they are at? I am hoping people just mean western devs because Japanese devs on board and that’s always where my third party money goes first.

              1. I was sort of expecting Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite to be announced. In the future though I really expect Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake. All thes games use UE4 btw so they’re entirely possible on Switch.

                1. Good point but since no new information has been made on all 3 it’s a wait til e3 situation to see if it will be announce for the Switch too. If not, it sucks but it’s their call.

                  1. I’m not one looking forward to those games but they would sure help the Switch out by beefing up the library.

              2. 3rd Party kinda released a big volley around the holidays. So it’s still early. Resident Evil 7 is a big one for horror fans like myself. Andromeda is a big one, again, I’m so excited to play that. I’m going to take the lull in games to catch up.

                Finish Xenoblade Chronicles.
                Finish the Gears of war, 1-4
                Finish Alien Isolation
                Finish Fire Emblem Fates.
                Pick up and play RE7

                Wait, you were talking about Switch 3rd party..yeah? I’m not sure about that then.

                1. That’s what I’m saying. Not many new 3rd party games have been announced since most of them has been released or so close to release. e3 will determine the kind of support the first year will get and then after that who knows. I’m not going to pretend that Indies are not 3rd party developers. So in that aspect the Switch will have 3rd party support. It does even now with EA, Ubisoft, and Activision releasing games. May not be the games people want.

                2. I got Alien Isolation in my backlog of PS4 games. It’s still downloaded onto my PS4 til I can get to it.

    2. The 3DS isn’t flourishing like it used to…but what In Nintendo’s name is? The 3DS and mobile are paying Nintendo’s bills right now. I don’t see how they can put their eggs in one basket with Switch. I think Nintendo knows this also, which is why they have been careful not to exclude 3DS and WiiU gamers. They can’t afford to cut us off yet.

      1. Wii U is already cut off and the 3DS’s biggest upcoming game is an NES remake. I don’t really see FE Warriors being a big deal since you can only get it on the New 3DS. If you don’t have one you might as well get a Switch to play it since it’ll actually have a future of more than just a year or two more at most.

        1. I have a N3DS, and the switch is pretty much just getting remakes, ports or a Splatoon sequel. I see no reason why the switch is special sir. It’s just the catalyst for Nintendo fucking over fans again, especially WiiU owners by dismantling Zelda to sell more hardware.

          1. Also there’s Xenoblade 2 (if you’re into that) and Mario Odyssey this year in addition to Splatoon 2. A brand new Fire Emblem is also confirmed for next year.

            1. I am VERY into Xenoblade, but I really think it’s going to be a 2018 game. I have no interest in the Splatoon sequel. Mario comes out at the end of the year, and I’m playing the bastardized version of Zelda on my WiiU. There is literally no reason I shouldn’t wait for a Xenoblade or Fire emblem bundle or a sales break. Plus, I have a lot left to finish FE Fates, I’m getting the mobile games, the N3DS version of Heroes, so I’m just missing out on 1 FE game, and I can pick it up later next year if I still get a Switch.

              I’m going on Miiverse soon and seeing if my old peeps are going to just keep chilling on WiiU for a while. And any on the fence, I’m going to convince to wait, and tell them if they do, I’ll come back and game on WiiU for a while, I’ll even pick up Splatoon for $25 and see what all the hype is about. I’m not worried AT ALL that everyone on WiiU is migrating to switch. Especially with no built in party chat or message system that we know of.

              1. I didn’t get Splatoon either. I’m jumping in with the sequel. I guess one of the reasons I’m so eager to jump on the Switch is the unique situation I was in to get money off so why not get it day 1?

          2. Also, I’m not trying to say it’s special. I’m just saying Nintendo is moving on. The 3DS has a year more at most of support. Bet on it. They’re not going to compete with themselves.

  4. Of course I did not believe in this:

    But of course lots of people did. I feel bad for those who still are pure in heart towards Nintendo, but we’ve been warning them for a long time.

  5. So it sounds like anyone who put their faith In Nintendo’s New console and upgraded by trading in their WiiU are fucked. They get a WiiU port of Zelda, and then get jetted back to WiiUs early days where after launch, you’re screwed unless you have 3rd party box.

    And yet, people will never learn. It doesn’t matter how many times Nintendo pulls this shit, people wanna suffer. It’s not even like they can play their WiiU games on it. Ugh. One WiiU port for 1St party launch Window… then summer they get a game…then winter they get a game. Sad. Still, maybe some of the indie games will have gems. I have some Indies on my WiiU I enjoy as much as AAA games.

    1. ||Why? Most or all that traded their Wii U didn’t want it for years to begin with so it’s mainly an advantage for them instead, implying that the Switch will not have droughts…||

    2. There is nothing to learn as far as I am concerned. I love Nintendo games. I will pick Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Mario kart, etc. over everything else every time. I like the idea of portability. I am grown man with a professional job. dropping 300 dollars for 4-5 years of enjoyment is nothing. There will never be one box for everything every again. Accept it.

      1. No one is saying you’re wrong, you’re just what’s wrong with the system. I don’t want to place a title, but I have to say fanboy. You will blindly buy no matter what, and any Nintendo box will fulfill your needs.

        Some of us just fell for the third party lie too many times, so we’ve moved on because first party droughts aren’t enough for us. Yes we love Nintendo IP, but we need consistency not promises.

        1. I proudly wear the badge of fanboy so no offense taken here. I do have plenty of criticisms of Nintendo for sure. However, in the end I have always been satisfied with what I get for their systems. In my almost 40 years of life I have owned almost every game system that has come out since the original Atari 2600 and I love a lot of non-Nintendo games but if I was forced to choose I would always pick Nintendo. I have always owned multiple systems so third parties titles have never been an issue. If anything this generation has been the waste for me as I could buy almost anything I wanted on Steam and play a far better version on my PC. Especially First person shooters which are superior with mouse and keyboard anyways.

    3. Idk what you’re talking about but me selling my Wii U definitely didn’t screw me over. I get to play the definitive version of Zelda and Mario Kart 8, Arms, Splatoon 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Mario Odyssey (looks like the best mario since 64 and galaxy was pretty good) Skyrim, Fast RMX, snipperclips, dragon quest 10,11, dragon quest heroes 1, and 2, FE Warriors, Yooka Laylee, Steep, Rayman legends definitive edition (never played the original and this one has new worlds and levels) sonic 2017, and sonic mania. And that’s just the stuff I’m interested in (and i may have forgotten a couple.) And I wouldn’t be surprised if at E3 we saw Pikmin 4, Smash Switch (enhanced Wii U version with all dlc a couple new characters and stages, and some 3ds remastered content as well) and maybe even mother 3.

    4. Oh and i also forgot Rime, Shovel knight, redout, and stardew valley. And I’m only including announced 2017 titles. They will probably announce more at E3 and we already know of some 2018 titles. But even if this is it for 2017 i still think its an amazing year!

        1. In that same vein I’m fine with anyone who doesn’t want to get a Switch till later. Sometimes its great to wait until 6-12 months after a console launches and just have a flood of games to play. But personally i prefer the more trickle approach as i will have a more constant supply of games to play, and I don’t have the money or time to buy and play all those games at once anyways.

  6. Reggie just needs to stfu. His voice annoys me, his face annoys me everything about him annoys the shit out of me. Such a flake. Take the Switch and shove it up your ass Reggie. The Switch is such a piece of junk. WTF were they thinking. Idiots.

  7. For all the idiots, who were warned by others long ago about Nintendo halting support for the WiiU after the Switch release but decided to believe Nintendo anyway, We told you so! Now here’s another warning, so don’t get butthurt when it happens, the Switch is a replacement for the 3DS! Nintendo only created the Switch to combat the vita’s popularity in Japan! Nintendo is trying to get all of the 3rd party support the vita has by creating a more powerful handheld. the Switch is what the Vita was supposed to be, where you can play your console games on the go or plug it into a tv for a home experience. Nintendo is using the home console angle for western audiences only, by the end of next year Nintendo will phase out the 3ds altogether and will only support the Switch. Now you all had clear warnings ahead of time.

  8. It’s been dead for a while. I just hope they don’t do the same to the Switch for their fans sake.

    Now what to do with all that money I have in the Store… At least my wallet won’t feel any gaming hits for a couple years.

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