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1001 Spikes And Cave Story Heading To Nintendo Switch Plus A Look At UI

Independent developer Nicalis has revealed – via a screenshot of the Nintendo Switch UI -that 1001 Spikes and Cave Story will be coming to the system. The tweet also included a screenshot of the user interface for the Nintendo Switch. We’ve briefly seen it before in the Nintendo Treehouse streams, but the developer build appears to have a dark mode.


19 thoughts on “1001 Spikes And Cave Story Heading To Nintendo Switch Plus A Look At UI”

  1. The Interface color that was shown off during the Breath of the Wild segment of the Treehouse LIVE with the Nintendo Switch was white…does this mean the user can in the very least change the color of the background to white/black? Or does it mean that themes are coming to the Nintendo Switch?

    1. A basic background color is not a theme. You will definitely be able to choose your color. If you ask me, you should also be able to use any image as a wallpaper, without having to pay for themes.

    1. Same here. Zelda and a physical copy of tboi… Aren’t much but they will keep me playing for 300+hours (such a sucker for tboi.)

      And soon after that arms and Mario kart are launching.
      Mario kart will keep me playing for about 200 hours (not allot but I played the shit out of the Wii u version)
      Arms looks kinda meh but people have been enjoying it. I thought Splatoon looked stupid and bought it a year later due to good reviews.
      And damn that game is SOOOO good. So I am hoping it’s the same with arms.

      And I want Xenoblades 2. Never got to play chronicles X even though I own the game. The Text in the game is soooo tiny… Couldn’t even read it on the gamepad.
      I couldn’t read anything so I never really played it… So I am hoping they fixed that -.-
      Spent 60usd on a game I couldn’t play due to the text size.

      Getting Skyrim and the new Mario… The switch is killing my wallet XπX

  2. Am I the only one who is glad the game tiles on the Switch’s UI show the full title and cover art rather than the simple icons that were used on the Wii U and 3ds? It’s something that always stood out to me when comparing to the Playstation UI and presents better IMO.

  3. I’m liking the Switches mobile UI, looks sleek and easy to use. Also love that you can access it while still having your game running, and you can switch users without quiting the game (finally jeez even the 360 had that) so much better! Also the coloring on the switch screen is really good, all around I’m loving it. (And no that’s not a McDonald’s reference;)

  4. Must be in trouble for revealing some of the interface. We aren’t supposed to know what the UI looks like or anything about anything to do with the Switch before were supposed to buy it. We are just supposed to buy it and hope for the best. Nintendo will be getting my vote for worst company.


    The Nvidia Shield K1 is more powerful then the Switch. Better hardware and access to all the apps you want and way better games like the steam library for example, comes with a controller, bigger screen, outputs 4k, better battery etc and its $100+ dollars less expensive…oh wait…you wont be able to play gems like 1 2 kill yourself.

    I need to talk to someone from Nintendo ASAP. This is ridiculous.

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  6. Watch the Undertale fans complain about this. When it’s going to take a while until they make a new engine for that game’s compatibility with the Wii U.

    Cave Story is definitely one of my favorite indie titles.

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