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New Game’Graceful Explosion Machine’ Confirmed For Nintendo Switch This Spring

Debuting on the Nintendo Switch, Graceful Explosion Machine, a top-down shoot-em-up is coming to Nintendo’s next home console this Spring.

You can check out the trailer below:

Nintendo of America Indie Game Manager Kirk Scott has kind words to say about Graceful Explosion Machine by stating:

“Graceful Explosion Machine fits perfectly as a premiere indie game in our launch window lineup. It reflects the diversity and breadth of the kinds of top-notch games we’re looking for on the Nintendo Switch system.”

Vertex Pop, the developer behind this new game gives a brief description of their IP on their website: Skilfully pilot the advanced Graceful Explosion Machine (GEM) fighter while blasting swarms of crystalline enemies with your ludicrously overpowered quad-weapon array! Lost in deep space, you’ll shoot, dash and combo your way through jewel-hued alien worlds, fighting to find a way home.

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  1. I think it looks really fun and colorful. I’ll pick it up if its reasonably priced (10-20$) and I don’t have much to play. (Tho going off this years line up I don’t see myself having nothing to play tbh)

        1. Reasonably priced at $20? Reasonably….

          Don’t you think a generic game like this should just be free? I mean they already have thousands of games like this for free on the pc…tens of thousands….I could personally build a game like this in a few hours… I learned how to build games by creating games like this…I bet if I went through my old hdd I could find at least two dozen games just like this that I had made while learning.

          Please, Pretty please…Dont just give your money away…It’s the reason Nintendo doesn’t even try anymore.

          1. i get that $20 for a game like this might be unreasonable but do you seriously think the developer should give their game away for FREE? You must be crazy! And to think that a game like this could be built in a few hours is ridiculous. And just as a side note, the next time you go to work just let your boss know that the next couple of weeks you’ll be working for free. No need for him/her to cut you a pay check. UHG! so entitled…

            1. There are tons of games on the net for free…are you new? When building games like this you are looking to get your name out there, you are not looking to make a fortune. You could honestly build a game like this in a few hours and not even know much about building one. Go to the Unity asset store, find some free art then search for free code snippets and voila. There is nothing overly challenging about building a game like this anymore. Just try it yourself…

  2. They used to sell PC discs with 1000+ games on it, filled with games like this for $5. After awhile they just gave them away for free… I cant believe that people will actually pay more then .25c for these games. It boggles my f**kin mind. This is a Top Notch game as referenced by Nintendo…a f**king TOP – NOTCH game. This is what they are looking for to be on the Nintendo Switch. How can anyone take Nintendo serious anymore?

      1. What’s my point? Whats my point…. Whats my F**king point….? Seriously dude?

        This is the problem right here, Nintendo fanboys are f**kin retarded.

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