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UK: Zelda Breath Of The Wild Amiibo Up On Nintendo UK Store

Those of you in the United Kingdom who have been patiently waiting for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo collection to be available for pre-order are in luck. The Nintendo UK store has just sent out an emailing stating that five figures are available for order and retail for £12.99 each and £16.99 for the Guardian amiibo. You can pre-order them right here.



  1. Get off of your asses, NoA, & let Amazon & such put them up for preorder! I’m gonna be pissed if I get on later & they put them on preorder while I was away & I missed my chance for Zelda! D:<

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      1. I’m waiting for Amazon US to have them because I don’t trust Best Buy or GameStop’s online stores. Least not with brand new amiibo that are just recently being released since I had no issues getting Lucina from Best Buy earlier this month. *thinks* Was it this month? *shrug*


  2. I wonder if I can access Amazon UK using my US Amazon account. Worth a shot. In fact, maybe I should go ahead & just start a Amazon UK account if I can’t access Amazon UK with my US account to futureproof the strong possible fact I might have to start importing certain Switch games from there to avoid any of NoA’s bullshit.


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