First Person Mode Confirmed For Street Fighter On Nintendo Switch

Gamers who purchase Ultra Street Fighter II on the Nintendo Switch will have a special surprise as the game features a unique first person mode. The new game mode is called “Unleash! Ha”DO”ken” and it utilises the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers in first person view. Ultra Street Fighter II is just one title that whose box has been floating around Japanese online forum 2ch.


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  1. Seeing as they didn’t showcase it at E3, I wouldn’t expect very much from said mode.

    1. E3 doesn’t arrive until June my friend….The game debuting on the Nintendo Switch’s 3rd party reel at the presentation is the first time the world has ever seen it

  2. You can actually see a little bit of it in the trailer. The game look more like SF IV or V but first person for like one frame then faded to black. I know I’m not the only person who caught that…

  3. Hmm…

    Now why would anyone what to pull off moves like “The Pipes Are Broken”, Hyper Uppercut, Atomic Suplex, Psycho Crusher, Flying Swallow Kick, Flying Barcelona, Cannon Spike etc. in first person.

    The whole point of keeping fighting games in 2D is to see if your character can connect blows with the opponent, dodge certain attacks that cn activate on any part of the screen (even behind you), and for really technical fighters, pull off timing on super hard to pull of moves.

    Now can you honestly do the same in first person, or will you end up just getting dizzy at most.

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