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Video: IGN Showcases 61 Games Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

IGN has produced a video showing off a staggering 61 confirmed games for the Nintendo Switch. There’s plenty of indie games and Kickstarter titles included in the video along with big first party hitters such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of theΒ Wild and Splatoon 2. There’s clearly something for everyone on the platform so check it out below.


  1. Guys do you think I should get a Switch with grey JoyCon controllers or the red and blue? I will buy the one that gets the most votes.

    1. I preordered red and blue. 1. life’s already grey enough 2. I got two kids and it might be easier to coordinate stuff within multiplayergames that way.

      I wish they would also implement the colors into the Switch’s software, so in Mario Kart it’s not about controller 1&2 but red & blue. but well, in the end I just tend to like those color options.

      Plus if you buy the (80$ ugh) separate Joycons in these colors, then the colors are inverse. Meaning that while with the system you’ll get a right red joycon and a left blue one, you’ll get a left red one and right blue one separately. So you can ‘create’ a completely red-black or blue-black switch combination. And to have this option alone I believe it might be worth getting the colored version.

  2. Waiting to see how many people complain on how this video had gameplay from the PS4 version of games

  3. My list:
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    Shovel Knight
    Splatoon 2
    Super Mario Odyssey


        1. Yea, many of them are already on the Wii U and I think Little Inferno was there since launch. Basically, a lot of this is just confirmation that the same people who supported the Wii U will support the Switch as well. That doesn’t feel like as much of a win.

          1. And?
            Ok then…

            You keep saying how great the Switch is and how successful it is going to be.

            You make it a point to say the WiiU was a huge failure. The showcase video looks identical to the Wii U showcase. The Switch looks identical to the Wii U.

            Need I say more?

            1. Dude check the anylitcs. There have been about 10 times as many switch pre orders as there were wii u pre orders. Its going to do much, MUCH better out the gate, and that bodes well for 3rd parties. We are less likely to see a bunch of devs jump ship because no one bought the thing, just based on pre orders alone. Think about how few people pre order consoles. Its got to be like 1 3rd of people who buy consoles that generally pre order. The switch is going to do fine, stop screaming bloody murder. The sky isnt on fire.

              1. So what the WII sold amazing but to me it was the worst Nintendo console ever made, I don’t own the WII U but do own every other Nintendo console ever made.

                I don’t care if all the casuals buy the console, back in the days with the wii everybody at my local bar played golf and shit, but they never played real video games like metroid, Metal Gear, GTA and 100 more titles in there life.

                  1. As usuall your not reading what I said and you are twisting words yet again! I said TO ME it was the worst nintendo console ever made. Thats my personal opinion after owning every nintendo console ever made. I got the least enjoyment out of the way by far. Please stop posting stupid comments if your not gonna read what I said fool.

            2. Wii U was a failure due to terrible marketing. No one knew what the fuck it was. Switch doesn’t have that problem.

  4. Oh and if people lost count this leaves 39 or more games in development that are yet to be revealed since Nintendo has confirmed 100 + games.

    1. To me all the games in this video that look like the NES and playstation1/n64 barely count as games. Games to me are the ones that you can buy in a store for 60 bucks. Mario,Zelda,Dragon quest and some more are games. Sure those other ones can be fun and they are called games but so is candy crush on the app store that half the woman on this planet play, that never touched a real game console in there life.

              1. If that’s the case, then you should know that your current statement as only need one console if full of crap. I remember a huge war between two companies, involving a plumber and a hedgehog I believe? And how you could only get one system’s games on one but not on the other.

                1. I got a sega megadrive aswell but mainly for sonic and we could rent all the other games at a video store, 3 games from saturday till monday for just 5 bucks so. Nothing as memorable as games like mega man, castlevania, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat many more and ofcourse nintendo first party though. Donkey kong country was one of the best snes games ever made the serie never got updated to the current age like zelda and metroid though.

                    1. Sure but the snes had everything I could wish for unlike every nintendo console after that. But please awnser this one question for me : If a nintendo console just needs more power to get all the games I often mentiont Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, GTA, The witcher ect. than why wouldn’t you want that? Weather you like the games or not those games should be available on a nintendo console.

            1. fully supported them for 21 years after that and having the same discussions with people who play playstation and xbox altough I played playstation aswell. I opend my eyes after the wii though and looking back at it I already enjoyed the ps1 and ps2 more than the n64 and gamecube.

  5. I pre-ordered the switch.. but with the wii u drought and all, all of these games look like they originally belonged to the wii u. I get that Nintendo is aiming for fun over graphics, but Mario is the only game I can say doesn’t look too ‘5 years ago’.

        1. Sure I missread that : Ps4 launch wasn’t great but atleast it was guaranteed to get all the amazing games it has today, the same can’t be said about the switch just yet since the last nintendo console that got this kind of support was the snes.

          Even the gamecube while solid didn’t have have games like Final Fantasy,GTA and many more.

  6. Unless you give 2 fucks about zelda, the switch is clearly a more ‘holiday 2017’ type purchase. Unfortunately, I give fucks about Zelda.

    1. Zelda is my favorite video game IP. I’m buying it for WiiU. So…why buy switch at launch again?

      1. Nintendo fans are always saying that it’s about gameplay and fun not about Graphics they say this over and over and over. Well then I argue that the switch version of Zelda is not the definitive version it is deported gimp version the Wii U version is the version that was designed with the best game play in the most fun in mind.

        so that reduces the argument to, do you want to play Zelda on the go or not? if you want to , that will be 300 bucks please.

          1. I honestly can’t argue with the portability thing. It’s the most powerful, portable gaming system on the planet. That’s a big convenience when it has games to play that people want.

  7. First good portable Dragon Ball game since Ultimate Butouden and Attack of the Saiyans on DS. I already have it on XB1, but if it picks up a good playerbase on switch I’d consider rebuying it, that is assuming I find enough reasons to buy a switch in the first place, so far those reasons are Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey.

  8. I can’t get excited by this. 90% of the games listed are already out on Wii U or other platforms. However, it’s nothing to sneeze at and the big guns are likely to be saved for E3 or Nintendo Directs.

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