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Here’s The First Unboxing Video For The Nintendo Switch

As you probably saw earlier NeoGAF userΒ hiphoptherobot managed to get a retail version of the Nintendo Switch ahead of the consoles March 3rd release date. We received a glimpse at the user interface that gamers will encounter when they boot their unit up and now we have got the first unboxing video. Unfortunately doesn’t allow embedding of Flash content but you can view the glorious unboxing, right here!

Thanks toΒ JoΓ£o M for the tip!



    1. Maybe it registers when you log into it with your account. Like digital downloads do. They needed to give you a code for the NES mini because it can’t go online. While this thing does.

  1. Random reminder:
    The grip that comes with the console DOES NOT charge the JOY CONS… the one included is basically plastic. You have to buy the “CHARGING GRIP” for charging capabilities.

  2. Most would be jelly and need to go to jelly school but I’m not, in fact I’m more excited and cannot wait when I pick up my reserved copy at the Wal-Mart I work at.

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