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France: Nintendo Sold 105K Switch Consoles

Nintendo has always traditionally done well in France and they have reason to celebrate today as Nintendo France have reported that 105,000 Nintendo Switch units were sold over the launch weekend. This marks the best launch for Nintendo in France since the eighties. The company’s goal was to beat Wii sales which were 95,000 units on its first weekend back in November 2007.



    1. ||The fire rises faster than the Xbot weapons can load…||

      1. Xbots sabotaged their secret weapon, and are currently scurrying to build a new one. Now is the best time for an offensive!

          1. Scalebound. That game looked epic. Now it’s Scale-dust, They don’t really have any good exclusives coming that I know of, and the best thing they have to try is their up-coming thing there you pay $10 a month, and can play from a huge library of games, kinda like a music streaming service, only you can download the game so you don’t have to be online all the time. But for people like me with very little data, it still doesn’t help me out.

            Fortunately, it still serves it’s purpose as a 3rd party box, and I’ll probably binge on Zelda until Mass Effect comes out, then I’ll likely split my time between the two.

            1. ||If High Command revived it exclusively like they did with Bayonetta then it would be even better…||

  1. over 300,000 in Japan, 100,000 in France, 80,000 in UK… Even if just 500k in US, that is 300 million dollars (not profit mind you) right off the rip… Hot damn

      1. I might have missed that, where did 2 million come from?

        If the sales are being told to us from someone other than Nintendo, and North America had very good sales I guess it could mean 2 million in sales once all told, which to me would be a big score in less than a week’a time.

        1. Ah, I looked into it. They were manufacturering 2 million for March, and were targeting to ship the same.

          Hopefully, given the sales numbers, it means people shouldn’t have to go long to find a switch, or pay scalper rates.

          1. Yeah, that would be nice… let’s say they have sold half of the manufactured amount and shipped about the same, that might mean another million to ship this upcoming week or two.

            All depends on how the US sales went

          2. ||Yes and they will manufacture and ship regularly at a continuous rate as demand calls for it…||

  2. The Switch has been off to an amazing start and it’s gonna get better once the other big guns arrive. Yesterday during Monday Night Raw I saw at least 3 to 4 Switch commercials so they are doing a way better job of advertising and marketing it than what they did with the Wii U’s. Keep up the good work Ninty

  3. The Switch needs to sell 10 million in its first year. 8-9 million would be ok too. Anything less than 8 would be unacceptable imo.

    1. ||Almost…||

      ||The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was picked up by nearly all new Switch owners in France having sold 96,000 copies. Given that number, it’s an attach rate of over 91 percent. Breath of the Wild also sold 34,000 copies on Wii U

      ||So you see, our victory is assured by far…||

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