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US: Nintendo Has Seemingly Stopped Selling The Switch Dock On Their Site

You may remember that we posted that Nintendo had started selling Nintendo Switch docks on their official website. Well, an eagle eyed Redditor has noticed that they have ceased selling them on the site. Speculation online regarding its disappearance is rife with some suggesting it’s been pulled from sale because some of them are slightly bent and are causing scratches on the tablet when docked. We shall have to wait and see.

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Thanks to Ridley Slayer for the tip.


  1. Mine isn’t being scratched but put a screen protector on anyways because it’s an expensive portable device and accidents happen. The reason they pulled the dock is because it was being offered as a replacement part without the adapter or hdmi cable and it was confusing people. They have the dock set on their site but it isn’t for sale yet. I imagine they are trying to get more Switches on the shelves before offering up any extra docks. They are not remaking it so it doesn’t scratch as it seems to be more a problem with careless users than the dock itself. Same can be said about the 3DS screen issue. Just treat the device as if it costs hundreds of dollars (which it does) and you should be fine.

    1. I owned 3 3DS systems and only found out this week that people ever had problems with the screens on them. I just naturally took really good care of them so I never came across the issue.

      Just to err on the side of caution, the first thing I’m gonna do when I get a Switch is install some felt pads on the dock.

    2. No sir. Not all scratches were careless users. And I hghly doubt Nintendo would pay over and over for careless mistakes.

      Also, I don’t think all Docks are created equal. some people say it slides in fine, others say it barely fits.

      I’d bet there are batches of docks that had incorrect clearances for the Switch to fit in. I don’t think all the docks are the same.

      As far as the 3DS, many more of those were affected. Nintendo paid shipping, repair costs, and extended your warranty… pretty nice of them considering the screen scratches were simply “careless users.” :]

      1. why didn’t they change the new 3DS if it’s a design flaw?

        i’m just seeing a few reports about screen scratching being an issue and all of the sudden Nintendo must have released a bad batch of docks? why does my left joycon work flawlessly in a room beside a router and a 90 gallon fishtank while dozens of others don’t?

        how many consoles sold and all we get is a few reports? then every youtuber and their mother is making clickbait videos about it. i’m not saying the issue isn’t valid, i just think it’s being blown out of proportion.

  2. I still think that the ONE story of a dock scratching the screen is BS. My guess is that it got scratched some other way an they’re trying to blame it on the dock. My son and I both have them and have inserted/removed the systems at least a couple dozen times and have absolutely no scratches/scrapes/scuffs on the screen.

    1. I think you either got a bad dock or you didn’t. now Nintendo has to inspect all their docks to figure out the source of the bad ones.

  3. I’ve had no probs with my Switch at all, my dick is perfect and it slides in fine, how can all of them be different? That makes no sense.

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