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Ubisoft Asking For Input For Future Nintendo Switch Development

Ubisoft has begun contacting various Uplay subscribers to get their input on future titles for Nintendo Switch. The company has pledged to support Nintendo’s current console and has a number of titles in development for the platform but it wants feedback from gamers. Here’s the message that is being sent out:

What is the future of gaming?

If you are a Nintendo Switch™ player, Ubisoft would love to hear your thoughts.

We’ve asked our partner, Qual-Box, to organize an online discussion following the March 3 release of the Nintendo Switch. The discussion will take place from April 5 to April 9, and from June 21 to June 25.

Nintendo Switch users across the world will be gathering online to share their thoughts and experiences using their webcam or their keyboard. Participation will involve about an hour of your time each day during each period, at whatever time works for you.

In return for your participation, we will send you up to $50 USD in credits!

If you are a Nintendo Switch player and are interested in taking part in the discussion, please click the link to answer a few questions. If you are selected to participate, we will send you an invitation to the discussion.

We hope to meet you online!

“Welcome to the discussion on the Nintendo Switch and the future of gaming. Thanks for being here!
We are your moderating team: Kim, Nels and Sylvie.

You are among the first users of the Switch. We’re very interested in your thoughts and in hearing about your experience so far.
As early Switch users, you have the opportunity to make a determining impact on Ubisoft’s game development strategy.

The first series of tasks will be posted on April 5th at 3 PM UTC

Thanks to Spenser for the tip!

Update: Here’s a link to the survey!


  1. Honestly , It is a difficult situation for the developers, I didn’t like how EA treated Nintendo in the wii u era, making half baked games for the system and then saying that Nintendo had the fault for the poor sales, ubisoft did the same at the end of the system, but I bought Splinter Cell and assassin’s creed black flag for the system, and it felt so good to had big production titles from big developers.

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

      Well it is Nintendo’s console. They do have a part to play in how badly Wii U did. It’s unfair to put it all on 3rd parties. After all, it’s not their console to sell; it’s Nintendo’s.

  2. I cant name one Ubisoft game I want on the Switch. They pulled Rayman Legends as an exclusive. I got Black Flag but it was glitchy as hell and after getting trapped in the mast the 5th time I gave up trying to play.

  3. The games I want for the Switch from Ubisoft

    A 3D Rayman title
    New Prince Of Persia title or a remastered collection
    Far Cry series
    Assassin’s Creed

  4. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    I’m good, Ubisoft. I got a PS4 for your games. Already got nearly every single Assassin’s Creed mainline game on my PS4 except for the original game & Assassin’s Creed 3. Already got the Ezio trilogy, Black Flag, Syndicate, & Unity. Then again, I am missing Rogue from 7th gen consoles, too. Don’t care for those chronicles games as they are just side scrollers. No thank you.

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