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Amazon Lists ARMS With A June 23rd Release Date In Spain

This isn’t the first time an international version of Amazon have listed ARMS with a supposed release date. However, it’s always interesting to hear when these companies think the game will release in their territory. According to Amazon Spain, Nintendo’s newest IP will hit shelves on June 3rd. While this seems incredibly late for the claimed Spring release, June 3rd actually marks the final day before Summer in Spain. This may mean it’s listed as simply the last possible day it could release, but it wouldn’t be new for Nintendo to push games back as far as possible.

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    1. Agreed. While June 3rd does meet the Spring confines by a few weeks, unlike Splatoon 2’s Autumn placeholder, it does seem like a placeholder and nothing more.

      Then again, perhaps that’s just a Western mindset where Memorial Day has more significance as “the start of summer vacation.” Similarly the launch in March makes less sense to the West than just before Black Friday, but in Japan this sets them up for Golden Week sales. Maybe June 3rd is a placeholder, or maybe it’s the date. We’ll see soon enough.

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