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Amazon Lists ARMS With A May 2nd Release Date

Like Splatoon before it, ARMS is Nintendo’s next attempt at creating a new franchise. While we’ve known about the game since its reveal in January, ARMS still doesn’t have an official release date. However, Amazon Italy may have just given the game away. It could just be a placeholder, but the retailer has listed the game with a May 2nd release date. This would certainly line up with Reggie’s promise of consistent Switch releases.




    1. Bad? That is ridiculous… too near too far, maybe it is fine and you can get the game when you want… what of there were more launch titles? Would that be “too close”? Its just illogical negativity on yiur part especially considering the warranted trouble with game droughts for wii u.

      1. There is a chance Mario Kart will kill the new IP. Why not anticipating Mario Kart instead of releasing the two at the same time with the risk of overshadowing Arms?
        Never seen Nintendo doing this.

        1. When people buy mario kart they are more apt to see the other game. It will get more attention the more the Switch gets attention and it will get alot when Mario Kart releases. Sandwiched between Splatoon 2 and Arms might find itself having a slow build but ultimately selling well. All depends, of course, on how good the game is.

          1. I’m going to skip it for example (just because I can choose only one big game per month), maybe I’ll give it a chance in the summer but it’s not certain.
            Many will be in the same situation.
            Also 100% advertising on one will highlight it more in my opinion.

        1. He owns a switch though. And he’s nowhere near as negative as I am. I don’t think he’s crazy negative, but coming from me, that doesn’t mean much. ;D

  1. Just one problem: Major first-party retail releases for Switch release on Fridays.

    Both Zelda and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are going by this pattern. That said, I am certain that Nintendo is poising Arms as its headline game for May. Whether early, late, or somewhere mid-month, May is the month of release.

  2. Do they mean May 12th? Nintendo releases games on Fridays.

    The 2nd would be Nintendo intentionally going out of it’s way to stifle sales of the game.

  3. OMG.
    My retailer says 2017.
    Delayed for 31st. Dec confirmed.
    Though Nintendo has not announced any launch date, so I don’t know why retailers would have the information, but Nintendo’s own site still says: Spring 2017.

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