Link’s Pointy Green Hat Isn’t In Breath Of The Wild Because “It Didn’t Look Great”

There’s a lot of things that you can give Link to wear in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. However, one thing that Link cannot wear is his pointy green hat. According to the game’s art director, Satoru Takizawa, it simply didn’t look that great.

Takizawa’s answer was more lengthy, explaining that “as the graphic fidelity has increased it becomes more difficult to make that hat look cool. As the game becomes more realistic it’s difficult to present it in a way that’s appealing. If you look at Twilight Princess, I really made the hat long, so it would flap in the wind and move around. But because of that people were like ‘What’s he got? What’s in that hat'”? Takizawa tried making Link’s hat diminutive in Skyward Sword, so it had less motion, but as Takizawa said, “we’re reaching our limits as to how we can make it look cool.”




      1. If the author fully disclosed it was in there, and how to get it, people would cry, “Spoilers!”

        If she leaves that part out so the topic of why it wasn’t used as primary gear, people cry, “Misleading!”

        Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t!

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      2. It is possible to add in spoiler alerts. People reading onward would be then reading at their own choice.

        And being told that it isn’t in the game to someone who doesn’t know better would think that a spoiler anyways, so that argument still doesn’t hold up. That would be misleading and a spoiler to the people who don’t know (as false as that spoiler would be).


    1. Honestly, I never liked the way link dressed but I love the series. The way link dressed on here shows signs of him growing and being a little different than what he was in the past.


    1. Same. I got it from 8 bit Amiibo link. Maybe they forgot it’s in there. :P
      Maybe they mean, it’s not in the main game outside Amiibo functionality. So this is not a spoiler for anyone playing Amiibo free. I still prefer the hood tho!



      yes, it is, which is nice, but you can also see how awkwardly it moves, so they really have a point :) nevertheless, I still wear it (the Hero one from the 8-bit amiibo) occasionally for the nostalgic feeling of 8-bit Zeldas :)


  1. this is the most BS answer I’ve ever heard, jesus christ, how are you worried about realism in a game with that artstyle and looks when you can straight up make Link dress up like a travesti


  2. You get version of the green set with the pointy hat in game without the Amiibos if you complete specific tasks in game, problem is reviewrs are just rushing through the damn game because they want to be the firs ones to get their retarded reviews out, as if anyone really cared about that for this game. The game is great, we already knew that, now take your damn time to to complete the damn task needed to get the damn green outfit you lazy ass reviewers!


    1. I don’t feel like reviews should have to 100% a game. I’m glad they don’t. Like they would include every spoiler and piece of armor anyway? They’d be crucified for doing that!


    1. Without Amiibos there is just the one hidden Green tunic set, with all of the Link amiibo there are four total in game, Wind waker set, Ocarina set, Twilight set, and finally the set you get after completing the shrines.


  3. Still seems like an odd choice, whether it looked good or not, to leave out one of the series’ major icons. It’d be just as odd to have Mario where hats the explicitly aren’t his primary one for an entire game.

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  4. SMH, from source article making this a click bait title:

    “Of course, if you really miss Link’s iconic hat (and green tunic), there’s one way to get it. it just involves beating of Breath of the Wild’s 120 shrines.”


  5. The developer didn’t mean the hat isn’t in the game at all. Obviously he knew it was in the game. He meant why Link isn’t wearing it as his main gear. Or why it’s not really a staple anymore.

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    1. Ammendment: You can have that look while playing through the game from early on if you have a Link Amiibo, as opposed to not having access to it until after the game is almost, or entirely completed.

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  6. Misleading.
    1. Beating all shrines rewards a fullset of more traditional looking clothes for Link, wich incluedes a green cap.

    2. The amiibos (have a chance to) give various version of the green tunic and cap (and trousers).

    they certainly are in the game. even without the amiibo, they are in the game. this is misleading. as the Cap of the wild is green and pointy aswell.

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  7. Screw Satoru Takizawa for talking crap about Link’s proper main Tunic and also he is a liar for Link’s green hat is in BoTW and if they ever make a Zelda title with out it I’ll be done


  8. Fuck you, twilight princess is the most realistic looking game they’ve made, and the cap and outfit still looked good.. This game looks like an updated skyward sword, and you want to say it wasn’t cool enoughto use now?.. Again, fuck you.


    1. Yea but Twilight Princess doesn’t have realistic physics. That hat I’m sure looks silly when you add in the physics. How does it keep its shape, does it have a wire in it or something? I like the way the new Link looks honestly. Even though Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda game. Well, before BotW came out.


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